Dancing with the Stars: Week 4 Results

Last night, it was the first-ever “double score showdown” on Dancing with the Stars, which meant one thing: double the pressure, double the fun (and dance forev-ev-ev forev-ev-ev forev-ev-ev forevah on the dance floor). Sorry, where were we? Ah yes, the results!

Right away, Chad and Cheryl were sent to safety, prompting an out-of-control celebration, followed by – say wha? – Jake and Chelsie. It’s going to be a bumpy night, I can tell.

This initial round of results was followed by Len’s recap of last night, and then Pam and Damian were given the encore performance. I was a little surprised, because for me, they were somewhere in the middle quality-wise, but I guess Evan and Anna can’t have the encore every week.

Then, in the most inexplicable moment of the season, was a trailer for Tuesday the 13th, a new horror movie about a group of unsuspecting ballroom dancers who are bludgeoned to death with the Mirrorball Trophy. I immediately suspected this to be the work of Drew Lachey, the fresh-faced ghost who’s been haunting the ballroom for eight seasons now, but – spoiler alert! – the killer is Bruno. It’s always the unstable ones you, uh, never see coming.

Sade was the musical guest this week, promoting her new album that I keep hearing wonderful things about. Damian and Chelsie accompanied her performance with a sultry rumba. It’s always nice to see the professionals show their stuff, because I think sometimes it’s easy to forget just how talented they are. And Damian and Chelsie are talented.

Back to the results: Evan and Anna are safe, phew. And then, the best filler segment ever. Childhood photos! For a few wonderful minutes, we were treated to a montage of old photos and home videos of our professionals competing as wee ballroom babes. The highlight? Finding out that Derek, Mark, and gone-but-never-forgotten Julianne Hough all trained together as kids and were known as the “Ballas Brat Pack.” Also, Louis used to have a Fabio ponytail. And Tony was once thrown out of a competition for FIGHTING ON THE DANCE FLOOR.

 Then some real ballroom babes/Dancing with the Stars Season 25 pros performed, putting my old ballet recitals to shame. I think it’s wonderful how shows like Dancing with the Stars have made ballroom dancing “cool” and accessible for kids today. It’s nice to see reality TV using its powers for good and not evil. That is, until Snooki inevitably ends up on this show.

I’m not even going to discuss the ChaChablanca trailer. I can’t. And then there was Glambo: First Dance. No. Just no. Even Tom can’t think of anything to say. (Also, DWTS totally missed the boat on editing a bunch of Maks’ rehearsal tantrums together and making a trailer for Mad Maks.)

More results: Nicole and Derek are safe, as are Pamela and Damian. No surprises there.

What is surprising, and kind of refreshing, is the unapologetic borrowing of talent from So You Think You Can Dance. The lesson: dance brings everyone together, even competing television networks. The next performance was by the principal dancers of  the New York City Ballet, choreographed by SYTYCD runner-up/fan favorite Travis Wall.  And I know there have been some spectacular “Stars of Dance” performances over the years, but this juxtaposition of classical ballet and hip hop ranks as one of my all-time favorites. Then Sade was back for round two, accompanied by some jazz dancers that, honestly, couldn’t hold my attention given what just came before them.

Finally, back to the results. Erin and Maks were safe, as were – WHY DANCE GODS WHY – Kate and Tony. This meant Edyta and Aiden and Niecy and Louis were in the bottom two. And then, sigh, Aiden was sent home. I could care less about him, honestly, but I always feel so bad for Edyta. She’s been on Every. Single. Season of this show and never won. And she hasn’t come close to a final in years. Please, producers, I beseech you – give her a good partner next season. Please.

 Next Monday is “Movie Night” on Dancing with the Stars, and after seeing tonight’s “trailers,” I’m excited. And a little scared. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a “Glory of Love” Karate Kid number for Evan and Anna. Or a Jurassic Park inspired routine for Tony and Kate, who would make a lovely velociraptor (I kid, I kid).

 What movies would you like to see re-imagined as a ballroom dance?

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