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Mickey Heads-Disney Podcasts Review 4-27-10

We look at a lot of West Coast centric podcasts this time, as well as many dicussions based on the movie Pinocchio and even a WDW trip report from this past year’s Christmas.

Mouse Comedy (iTunes) Episode #74 Tairy’s ‘Back’ from surgery (and we’re glad to hear she is healing well) to celebrate her first year with Jonathan and to renegotiate her contract. This time they are showcasing an attraction that they both surprisingly agree upon, the Tower of Terror. And the conundrum of how this has Jonathan’s favorite, yet disappointing, queue because he never has enough time to enjoy the props and the ambiance. Tairy has a tidbit asking: Is it the tallest attraction on property? And they share many of their favorite props such as the couch, the typewriter and the toy phone in the DCA version, as well as the ventriloquist dummy and the Mystic Seer machine in DHS version.

Magic Never Ends– (iTunesEpisode #73 December WDW 2009 LiveTrip ReportPart 2 It is Christmas time in April with Princess Peanut’s first trip to WDW for the holiday. The sentiment “There will never be another first” is something we parents can relate to. With Will and Shannon there always is some hilarity. This time navigating the Caribbean Beach Resort, they learn that not all the busses go where they want them to. Newly renovated, we hear comments about Space Mountain, that it is a little smoother, but the advice is given to bring your iPod to cure the soundtrack lacking ride. And we learn that Baby swap is not where you swap the child so you can ride, nor is it a place to mount your child on a Velcro wall so you can go on the ride. We are also fortunate to hear live audio of the queue to the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and riding along Big Thunder Mountain with Mrs. Buckethead. They get a bonus day due to the blizzard of 2009 and this gives them an extra day at Magic Kingdom, where they enjoy the crowded but festive atmosphere (even without the funnel cakes).

Mousetalgia (iTunes) Episode #77 They start detailing their favorite Pinocchio Character. And the standout is: (drum roll please) John Worthington Foulfellow or Honest John. (Of course, who else would it be?)  Monstro the whale and his actions are questioned as being a precise depiction of such a mammal. Other lighthearted inaccuracies or ‘potholes’ of the movie are detailed about the Blue Fairy and even Geppetto, who proves to be a truly twisted character. The discussion then turns to the Pinocchio movie, which just happens to be featured at the WDF Museum this month. We are also reminded that if we have heard Jiminy in parks or during fireworks, it is most likely from the late Eddie Carroll. His recent death truly proved to be an invaluable loss, and they express their regrets on not knowing him better. Pinocchio’s Daring Journey attraction at Disneyland proves to be a favorite among the team. They also comment on the Geppetto TV movie with its well known cast, but not so well known film. They also rub their hind legs together for the Jiminy Cricket character, and that the right voice actually fit the character. And no discussion would be complete without referring to the music with its iconic songs and the granddaddy of them all When You Wish Upon a Star.

Remember the Magic (iTunes) Episode #27 for the week of April 18, 2010 Marc and Alissa give us all the latest news, refurb updates and park weather. Some standout items include a rather intimate 3D movie that was presented at the Beach/Yacht Club, showcasing the latest in robotic procedures and information on a person suing Disney regarding the Tower of Terror attraction. The restaurant of week focuses on the Wishes dessert party with all its scrumptious delights.

Mouse Guest Weekly (iTunes) Episode Episode #247 April 18, 2010 Disney Dreams Come True Parade Video watching the way you and I do, commenting and laughing at what strikes our fancy from the recording. You know, like when the broomsticks from the Fantasia movie stroll by and they look like Churros and you say, “All you need is chocolate sauce to dip them.”  Other hilarious observations include the apparent randomness of the appearing characters, with one three princess on one float. And how come you only see the Beast from Beauty and the Beast only as the beast and not as a man? Ending it all is the classic mirrored, shining the sun in your eyes, castle float with the classic characters. One final thought,  why does everyone follow a parade?

WDW Radio Show (iTunes) Episode #166 April 18, 2010 Lou and Becky tell that there is good news and there is bad news about Pal Mickey, what attractions to avoid so as to not scar a 15 month old for life, and information about transportation trading cards. Where can one find Lion King attractions, whether it be references to the movie or characters in the parks? Advice is also given to help find lodging for a first time international visitors who is looking to avoid driving on right side of road. A poignant question is presented, what would you do if you met Walt? The answer some reveals some deep seated appreciation for the ideals and even business models that have shaped our hosts. And one question that we all have at least pondered, how does Lou do it all, without cloning himself, keeping his priorities in check? They also ponder how to make an ADR for 20 people diverse enough to meet individual dining preferences, and this reveals some usually overlooked backrooms, and particular time periods. One of the listeners recalls a character breakfast on a boat and requests more information. Concluding this segment, Becky has finally found her Laugh out Loud sign off. Jim Corkas and Lou discuss Pinnochio’s Village Haus and the back-story behind restaurant with its belfry and different character based rooms. The walls tell the story of such ones as Monstro and Cleo; giving us something more to look at the next time we visit this restaurant. Finally, there is a decrying of the loss of the decadent Figaro fries.

Travel with Rick (itunes) Episode #66 Rick gives us an opportunity to look at video of Disneyland’s version of It’s a Small World. As an outside loading attraction, we get to see the pristine waters and the gorgeous topiaries that are a staple of our west coast park. Enjoy the ‘Happiest cruise that ever sailed!’

Episode #67 Happy Winds-Day! Continuing his Look at attractions on the opposite coast, Rick shares video of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh from Disneyland. Following information about the history of the attraction, we again load our vehicle outside and head inside to join Pooh’s birthday party.

A Window to the Magic (itunes) Episode #235 Pinocchio Part 1 Authors J.B. Kaufman and Russell Merritt join Paul and Leo to discuss the book Walt in Wonderland. This book highlights Walt’s silent films, how Walt was able to express emotions or convey action without the aid of sound. Many of his gags that we have seen perfected in our favorite films were initiated years earlier. Kansas City is also revealed to be a progenitor of great animation talent, with Walt undoubtedly capitalizing on recognized talent. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find unedited versions of many of his early pictures, due in part to attempts over the years to satisfy sensors. So they describe the thrill of the hunt in locating much of their source information. They also point out to us details that we may not have noticed, such as the background of scenes with artists specializing in specific aspects, such as the flow of water. Pinocchio is spotlighted with some surprising story lines not included in the movie, with one version having Jiminy meet an unexpected demise! And then there is the terminology: wash off relief cells, double exposure shadowing and distortion glasses. These are all explained for us, so that we come out not only enjoying this discussion, but learning some amazing insights.

The DisUnplugged (iTunes) California Food and Wine Special 2010 Our west coast team gives us some primer information on this year’s festival including discussions about: the well hidden welcome center and finally receiving the wrist-let gift cards. But what stands out right away, and love is expressed for, is the Coke soda machine and its 106 choices! Mario Batali is interviewed about his holiday special, that contained the stand out demonstration of candy cane making on Main Street USA, and his many other shows and products (knuckle sandwich knives?). Junior chef seminars sounded appealing for the smaller members of our families, leaving the adults to enjoy wines with the Lasseter Family Winery, beer seminars or even beer/wine walks with samples to enjoy. Some other aspects of note is the Gift shop the ‘aritsans’, the festival inspired food dishes, and the tapas. They share their personal favorites and opinions about whether or not these seminars or tastings are worth the time or the effort, allowing us to make more informed choices as we make arrangements to attend this event.