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Dancing with the Stars: Week 6 Performances!

This week, our couples will steam up the floor with either the Argentine Tango or the samba.  And there is a “Swing Dance Marathon” where the couples will be judged side-by-side. And Kate Gosselin is finally gone. It’s going to be a great week!

Jake and ChelsieSamba: You know what really screws up a dance? When you trip over the stairs in front of the judges table for the second time this season. Jake, there are stairs there. They haven’t moved. Stair stumbling aside, Jake looks like a dorky Ken doll attempting to be Carmen Verandah. He tries, bless his heart, but he’s becoming increasingly awkward to watch. Len said his rhythm was lacking, Bruno said it lacked bounce and didn’t “wiggle correctly,” and Carrie Ann said he has a chance of being in the top this season. Scores: 7-7-7.

 Evan and AnnaSamba: Evan has difficulty with his hip action in rehearsals, but that was the least of his worries. While practicing a lift for the swing marathon, Evan flipped over backwards and smashed his head into the floor. (And thanks DWTS, for showing that footage over and over again). Diagnosed with a mild concussion (not to mention the two broken toes from before), Evan was given the all-clear to compete tonight. And lucky for us – Evan and Anna turned in a fun, bouncy routine. Evan’s spins are fantastic, and although Evan is clearly stronger in the classical ballroom styles, this was a solid performance. Bruno said Evan’s lyrical lines do not work in the samba, Carrie Ann said he lost the battle with the samba, and Len said it was his worst dance. Crazy judges say whaaaa? Scores: 7-7-7.

Niecy and LouisArgentine Tango: The Argentine Tango is not what one would call a “comedic” dance, but Niecy is determined to make it so. The comedy? Lame. The dancing? Not bad, actually. I’m going to pull a Len and say I hated all the “messing about,” but the dancing that Niecy did do was a big improvement over past weeks. Carrie Ann said she was in the zone but they didn’t need the comedy, Len surprisingly liked the comedy, and Bruno said her footwork was good but their dancing lacked intensity. Scores: 7-7-7.

Erin and MaksSamba: More adorable rehearsal fighting! And Erin is wearing … a feather duster? The samba is not Erin’s best dance, she still seemed awkward and a little gawky. And having Maks strip mid-dance seemed like it was meant to distract from Erin’s dancing, or if not, that was the result. In short, Erin can do better. We’ve seen her do better. Len said he’s fed up with Maks’ choreography and gimmicks, Bruno said her arms have improved, and Carrie Ann said she nailed the samba. Scores: 9-7-9. Uh, what? I love Erin, but let’s get real.

Chad and CherylArgentine Tango: Not finding praise with the judges, this week Chad went back to Cincinnati to find validation from real ballroom experts – frat-boy Bengals fans. This dance was a lot better than what Chad has done in past weeks, but my problem with Chad is that he never really dances – he just stands in various positions while Cheryl dances around him. But I’m not a Bengals fan, so what do I know? Bruno said it was strong/powerful/demented, Carrie Ann said he nailed it, and Len said he made a big step forward. Scores: 8-8-8.

Nicole and DerekSamba: Nicole thought they were assigned the salsa this week, and so was in for a rude awakening. Also, she seems to be cracking under the pressure of being at the top of the leaderboard every week. In this dance, Nicole had the same problems Erin was having earlier – awkward arms, gawky legs, and wayyy too much sexy stuff. Carrie Ann yelled OPA and said it was ridiculous, Len said the performance was great but it wasn’t a technical samba, and Bruno started singing a song from A Chorus Line and made everyone uncomfortable. Scores: 9-7-10. Really? A 10? Madness!

Pamela and DamianArgentine Tango: If anyone could deliver a smoldering Argentine Tango, it was Pam. And, um … sorry, what was I saying? I was busy blushing. This was my favorite tango of the night, although Pam still needs to work on her arms. At times, the dancing looked a little tense, but the overall effect was a sultry success. Len said she got the flavor of the dance, Bruno said she was living the part, and Carrie Ann said she was lacking in technique. Scores: 7-7-8.


The rules: everyone dances at once, and then the judges eliminate them one by one and the couples are scored accordingly. And lifts are allowed! Does this sound like a recipe for injury/disaster to anyone else? And one by one they left the floor, in this order:

 Jake and Chelsie – 4

Niecy and Louis – 5

Evan and Anna – 6

Chad and Cheryl – 7

Pamela and Damian – 8

Erin and Maks – 9

Nicole and Derek – 10

Surprisingly, there was only one collision, and it seemed sort of intentional. Erin ran out of steam and instead of dancing, walked in front of Nicole while she was trying to come out of an upside down hold. Ah, well. A valiant effort by all.

Anyone dare to predict who will go home? I think it will be Jake, given that he danced first (making him the hardest to remember), danced mediocre, and was knocked out first in the swing marathon. See you back here tomorrow night for the results!

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