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Mickey Heads Disney Podcast Review-April Fool’s Edition

The Disney podcast community loves April Fool’s Day. And 2010 will go down as a banner year to be ‘had’ by your favorite podcasters. Following is a list of many of the noteworthy recordings that we had to second guess:

Mouse Guest Weekly– (iTunes) The Untitled Podcast Episode #1 3/28/10 This former Disney podcast introduces their new format, which still contains their witty banter, but nothing related to Disney. Their first cast considers many of the famous and noteworthy April Fools jokes recorded in history. Listening to these elaborate hoaxes, it sounds like the Brits seem to really know how to play a prank! As they sign off, they notify us that we should not believe anything we hear on April 1.

Mousetimes (iTunes) Episode #95 2nd Annual April Fool’s Day Show John visits Universal Orlando and rides a whole slew of attractions like Twister, Terminator 3D, ET (with a Tribute to Paul Barrie), Simpsons (with a flashback to the previous attraction in that space), Men in Black, Jaws, Shrek and Rip Ride Rocket (sounds like that one shook him up a little). Fortunately, this proves to be a joke, in that this park just does not live up to Disney’s high quality attractions.

Mousetalgia (iTunes) Episode #74 They start by sharing their favorite park-of course it’s Walt Disney World! The draw is the large castle, that large golf ball, and the fascinating, exciting Living with the Land Ride! And in reference to EPCOT Center, “I love going to World Showcase because you can travel the world without having to enter the filth of another country.” But seriously now, they discuss the cutting-edge technology of the movie Darby O’Gill and the Little People, where they were able to film the little people and the big people. It was intriguing to hear of the use of the Nodal Point Camera. The Give-A-Day Get-A-Disney Day report is also proviced, along with the perspective of the volunteer organization. They have also fulfilled their quest for Walt’s grave site, and give specific instructions to find that site. A listener reports on their participating in the Candlelight Processional with its grueling schedule, yet great fulfillment. And finally, a tribute to Fess Parker concludes this episode.

Be Our Guest (iTunes) Ep#215.5 Free Dining Extended “The old folks home of Disney Podcasts.” Our well aged cast is actually recording their 2985th podcast, finally eclipsing WDW today in number of recordings. And yet, quite a few years ago, free dining was extended to 365 days a year. They report on the 14 dueling Dumbo attractions in Fantasyland and a giant golfer to go along with the giant golf ball in EPCOT.

Those Darn Cats (iTunes) Episode #97 App-ril 1st Spotlight of some Jack Wagners’ finest recordings. Also introduced is the new Pal Mickey app that says such things as “What do you call Pluto after he sits in front of a fire? A hot dog. But, this app quickly goes downhill and we realize we have been ‘had,’ with this item proving to be part of the evil Disney moneymaking machine. Especially is this so when it asks its holder to walk away from its parents, and telling that love is an annual pass. This is one app I want today!

Mouse Droppings (iTunes) Episode #27 Stepping Up to the Mike– Matt tries out for the American Idol Experience, but since it’s Gay Days he will have stiff competition. (?) We get to hear the audition process by means of a secret hidden microphone. But really, we get Rick-rolled. And I don’t mind saying I fell for it!

A Window to the Magic (iTunes) Episode #233 April Fools Extravaganza 2010 This most anticipated cast takes the mind of Paul Barrie and combines it with some great audio to equal an epic audio trip. First we get a rare peek into the audition process to be a parade performer at WDW. Hey, get up, get loud!!! Celebrate Yeah!! And the crowd goes wild!!  Following this hilarious audio, we are a fly on the wall (or the jungle cruise boats) as we see the early beginnings of a new podcast, the Meandering Mouse. I saw on twitter this described as being present for the signing of the Magna Carta, and it definitely was a historical event (of 2006)! April Fool’s Everyone!

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