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Scratch and Sniff Popcorn Mickey Mouse Ears and new Antenna balls

I wanted to highlight two great merchandise finds I made over the weekend. After a really dead period in the middle 90s, Disney’s merchandise team has really been knocking it out of the park recently (so to speak). My only complaint is that they’ve recently been homogenizing all the merchandise between the parks getting rid of some of the park and attraction specific apparel replacing it with the generic ‘Disney Parks’ moniker.

When I see an extra cute pair of Mickey Mouse ears like this Scrach-n-sniff Popcorn beauties, it’s all I can do to resist whipping out the credit card right there.

Mickey Mouse Ears - Popcorn Scratch and Sniff

In general I’ve given up collecting Disney merchandise for budget reasons, but I still grab whatever new Antenna Balls they come up with including these four lovely new ones. I really like the Peace, Love, Mickey Mouse one.

Of course, I recommend the Store for all your Disney shopping needs. They have a great selection of Antenna Balls including at couple of those above.

4 thoughts on “Scratch and Sniff Popcorn Mickey Mouse Ears and new Antenna balls”

  1. I like the ice cream version of the mickey scratch and sniff ears. That being said almost every kid I’ve seen wearing the popcorn ears looked like they were moments away from throwing up. :OP

  2. I love disney antenna balls! They’re fun to collect :]

    Also, did you hear anything about E Ticket Memo Pads and the authentic mousekateer ear caps?

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