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Will Cage be Disney’s greatest Wizard

If you’re at all like me Nicolas Cage performances strike you as either hot or cold. There is rarely anything inbetween. Cage apparently lives his life the same way going on huge spending sprees (buy any castle’s lately?) and then has to sell other items when the bills come due. However, I’ve been willing to overlook all that because Cage is a huge Disney fan just like me. We even own some of the same rare collectible artwork (assuming Priscilla didn’t make him throw them out).

I am not surprised by Cage’s recent turn to the family friendly Disney film because it is exactly what I would have done if I had the opportunity. More power too him, I say. As long as National Treasure continues to amuse, keep it up. And don’t you think Cage would have made “Race to Witch Mountain” ten times better? Of course he would have. 10 times as expensive too, of course.

Which is why Disney has high hopes for it’s next Cage vehicle – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. I wasn’t really looking forward to this, but that was because I had some of the details wrong. But I have been enlightened by Nicolas Cage himself in his appearance at Wondercon.

Io9 has the details of Cage’s appearance. Along the way we learn that Cage came up with the idea for the movie himself and the reason behind his hot or cold acting style. Plus there is an extended peak at the opening scenes of “Apprentice.” My excitement dial is now all the way up to nine for this film. I can’t wait.

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