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Disneyland feels Baja California earthquake of 7.2 (revised)

A 6.9 7.2 (just revised) strength earthquake hit just south of the US border in Baja California. At least five after-shocks have been recorded in the following minutes including one ranking 5.1. Meanwhile a 4.1 earthquake struck in the Sacramento area.

I’m happy my wife and kid returned from SoCal last night, hopefully there are no injuries and property damage is light from this quake. Twin 6.9 quakes struck Northridge, CA in 1994 causing severe damage to a number of properties, 72 deaths, and thousands of injuries. That was the largest quake I ever experienced and the one that caused the most damage to Disneyland.

After the Northridge earthquake Disneyland revised their policies regarding quakes. They now conduct mandatory evacuations of every attraction until they can be inspected for damage. That’s precisely what happened today after this quake.

There have been conflicting reports of guests caught in elevators at the Disneyland hotel. Some are reporting that Disneyland Security called it in and others say that Disney denies reporting that.

More as news warrants (also follow on twitter as @TheDisneyBlog). I hope all The Disney Blog friends out west are okay and that any damage is minimal. Please stay safe. If you were in the parks for the quake, please leave a comment below.

Update: Disneyland spokesperson Suzi Brown reported that one guest was stuck in the Star Tours elevator for a short time. No other injuries or damage reported by Suzi Brown. That’s pretty much the extent of it, other than masses of park guests leaving the park after the quake.

Update: Now hearing that most of the major rides are back up and running at Disneyland and California adventure. Should be a nice night of short queues at the park now that everyone else left.

Final Update (barring big news): Disneyland’s twitter account reports no injuries among guests or cast and nearly every attraction reopen. Everything I’ve heard says cast members were extra professional today with everyone who could coming on-stage to assist. For instance extra walk-around characters magically appeared during time when attractions were down for inspection. Nice move Disneyland!

12 thoughts on “Disneyland feels Baja California earthquake of 7.2 (revised)”

  1. My family and I were in haunted mansion. Ride stopped and we got off as normal. When outside we were told there was an earthquake and all rides were closed for a few hours. Just left park along with many others. All are well.

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  3. I didn’t feel any earthquake here in Sacramento nor have I found any reports from local news or USGS.

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  5. I was at the park with my kids. We were in tarzans tree house. We didn’t feel anything. We didn’t know there was an earth quake untill we tried to get on a ride and the operator told us about it. Walk around characters were awesome! My kids got pics with Aladdin &Jasmine Woody & Jessie and pochantus. We also saw buzz light yr walking around tommarow land.

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  7. Was on haunted mansion during quake, felt a small shake. After, thought just splash mountain was closed, as I saw paramedics running for the ride. Soon realized all rides shut down. So, we ate some veggie burgers and fries, and by the time we were done with dinner, rides were running again.

  8. I was on Autopia when the earthquake hit. Didnt feel a thing sitting on a roaring engine. A parade was heading right down main street and the performers had to keep dancing like nothing had happened! It was madness on Main street, you could barely manover your way through the crowd. All those non-cali peeps were freaking out. HAHA.

  9. My husband and I had just left the park to to take a nap before returning. We woke up to our bed shaking. It was super scary. We returned to the park a few hours later and everything was up and running, however the rides were apparently shut down for some time for inspection.

  10. I was at the coke corner place at disney land and I felt shaking but I thought I just had a wobbley chair then I heard a guy say there was an earthquake. After that they did the parade like nothing even happened. We waited for a while then the rides got back up. After that It was like nothing even happened.

  11. that would of sucked if the earthquake hit during the parade. Or if it hit while every one was on the rides.

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