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Mickey Heads-Disney Podcast Review 4-9-10

We are all looking for ways to get the most out of our vacations to Disney Parks. From pre-trip planning, to utilizing strollers, or even attempting to experience everything the Magic Kingdom has to offer in just one day, the advice in these podcasts is indeed valuable and worth our attention.

Daves Disney View (iTunes) Mesa Verde Times “Please remain seated at all times with your hands and legs inside the vehicle!” These gentlemen ignored that direction as they rode the now extinct Horizons attraction. While Dave is not advocating this action, the video and pictures they collected, as they exited the omnimover, reveal intimate details of this beloved attraction.

Dave’s Disney News Dave gives his take on: Tron-orail, Star Tours, premier pass, D23 and changes at Downtown Disney. With regard to the new restaurants coming to EPCOT, does where the water comes from for pizza really matter? He also refers to the dissolving of an unknown agreement with the University of Oregon to use Donald Duck as their mascot. And he looks forward to the changes coming to Fantasland with its character interaction.

DisUnplugged (iTunes) /31 Universal’s Royal Pacific Resort-(Video) If you want to take advantage of one the latest Dis podcast tips and stay on site to use Universal’s resort guests privileges, this video shows you their South Seas themed hotel, from Check in, to the rooms, to the pool area and even the Lantilan Luau with its buffet (and whole pig!).

Universal Orlando Show March 2010 The team begins with Harry Potter and latest news about some hair brain plan regarding preview packages. Following this is a very high brow discussion regarding Sea World and questioning the morality of keeping such large Killer Whales in captivity. They analyze the science verses the sacrifice (for instance there is no place for these animals to go to when they retire or are no longer needed). Is there enough room, proper diet or stimulation for these large creatures of the deep? Finally Pete gives a review of the Royal Pacific Resort-the check in, the room amenities and the food options. In the end, is it a budget family friendly resort? Or more importantly, is the resort and the pool even appropriate for young families?

3/31/10 Jason Garcia from the Orlando Sentinel, Stump the Roundtable Jason Garcia and the team has an intellectual discussion of the business aspect of the Theme Parks. They take a step back and look at the basis of many of the latest decisions of the big players in Orlando and what the expectations are for the future. The impact of Harry Potter is highlighted with the two popular scenarios, it fails miserably or it is such a success it proves to be a game changer. Jason comments on how accessible the various companies are. As well as the future of DCL and location based attractions. And they finish with their self professed most expensive segment ever-Stump the Roundtable!

Travel with Rick (iTunes) Grand Floridian Café with Amanda Tinney Episode #63 By this peek into an assumed expensive restaurant we see many of the dishes (they even have an Angus burger with Lobster and asparagus!), the view, and of course the desserts where everything (including a What will you celebrate? easel) are edible. Despite Amanda’s chocolate allergy she struggles through the Chocolate Mouse for us.

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-pod (iTunes) Episode #50 In this retrospective of the last 5 years and 50 shows, Aaron talks about the Disney fan, that it’s not just kiddie stuff but fine art and we are commended for listening  to him and having good taste. He takes us back to the beginning, starting with appearances on Jesse’s Mousepod and audio of his first episode. The countdowns, highlights from popular skits, opinions, reviews and congratulatory emails/voice mails highlight this thinking man’s podcast. I laughed at the ‘real podcaster of genius’ submission.  (For me this is the most expensive Disney podcast I have listened to! From Aaron’s great recommendations, I have been motivated to buy DVD’s, CD’s, such as the broadway soundtrack “On the Record”, and even make a trip to NYC to see Mary Poppins when it opened on Broadway.)

The 3 Caballeros (iTunes) Episode #15 We get the dish on Celebration FL with its history and the evolution of the community. And as they reflect on the high standards set for this project, they turn to the topic of customer service as they compare Mom and Pop businesses verses Large Conglomerates. And I was all cool with this discussion until the love Chic-Fil-A went away!

Passporter Moms (iTunes) Episode #8, Deb Wills of We have heard her before, but now we get to hear of her background in the Disney community, including her favorites (even if she skirts around answering which is her favorite park-we still love her). She shares with us a teaser of upcoming features on Finally, the whole team answers questions about such topics-Halloween time park touring, utilizing multiple discount codes, height restrictions (Is it OK to stuff the kids shoes?), and Park touring tips for DL.

Episode #10 To Rent or Not Rent. . . A Stroller! Orlando Stroller Rental talks about their great convenient service. Their strollers are so liked that many people buy one when they get home! They can accommodate up to 200lbs and come in many styles. And they fold up easily and even come with instructions. But, they ask the question every parent want to know the answer to:  How do they keep them so clean? They all answer questions on the topics of: first time cruising and use the giant cargo carrying stroller or buy a umbrella stroller.

Inside the Magic (iTunes) Episode #260 March, 28 2010 With the grand opening of Ridemakerz at Downtown Disney, Ricky shares interviews asking what they offer and why DD? Ricky builds and test drives his own car, putting it through the paces, and gives his review of the quality of the product, comparing to what you might find in toy store. He gives some tips directed at those eager young ones who want to use the cars right away as well. Skipper Ben is planning a quick trip to WDW and shares some details of his plans. Ricky talks of wedding proposal ideas at the parks with some heart tugging experiences and excellent ideas.  Also touched on are some emerging details on the soon to be open Harry Potter land with some touring tips via listener questions.

Remember the Magic (iTunes) Episode # 24 We hear a restaurant spotlight on the Electric Umbrella revealing it to be a quick inexpensive meal to keep you going and back on the rides quickly. Alissa shares with us something more to look as we ride on Spaceship Earth, a hidden Mickey. We are also introduced to a member of the Reedy Creek Radio group Kyra, with her role at the network. News, weather, history report, Shout outs and birthdays round out this episode.

Wedway Radio (iTunes) Episode #39 Ultimate Touring Plans Henry Work from talks about latest additions to the LINES app- a chat feature. The focus of this episode, though, is on Ultimate Touring Plans, why anyone would do this, experiences Henry has had in the past, a rundown of meeting this challenge, and even how it starts night before. How do you handle eating and using the bathroom? Are you up to the task?  Well before you answer yes, the rules are laid out for us. Yet overall, Henry reports on some of the surprising results and a better appreciation you get for the entire scope of the park. And you have to stay tuned for the LOL bloopers at end!

Be Our Guest (iTunes) Episode #215 Honemoon at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge We start with a baffling Honeymoon drive from NJ to WDW. But once down there, how the Disney wedding registry works and how they were able to ‘plus’ their trip, using the gift credits. Utilizing concierge at the Animal Kingdom and experiencing the Sunrise Safari with the draw of really getting up close to the animals was exciting to hear about. And they answer the age old question: Deluxe Dining-can you eat all the food? Some more highlights to this once in a lifetime trip: the wine room at CA grille, Victoria and Albert’s and the Fort Wilderness SEGWAY tour.

Episode #216 Pre-Trip Considerations What do you do before a trip so that you can relax and enjoy your vacation? How about for that long drive: packing, and the things you bring like food and maybe even the entire medicine chest.  The realistic portrayal of packing a vehicle is demonstrated by Mike’s packing restrictions for his car. (sorry, not ALL the shoes can go!) They discuss shoes, highlighting the fact that if you have problems with your feet, your whole body is suffering. In that regard, many use the foot cradling Crocs and they have a tip regarding the quality of where they were manufactured. Prepping the car, stopping the mail (Did you know you can do that online?), taking care of the pets; handling these all ahead of the trip can give you peace of mind that will allow you to relax!

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