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Mickey Heads-Disney Podcast Review 4-23-10

A new book has been making the rounds on many of the podcasts this week, and The Disney Indiana crew was able to interview its author, Chad Emerson. I also wanted to introduce you to a newly found podcast that I am enjoying, and I am sure you will like as well, the Five Minute Magic Podcast. And the Be Our Guest Podcast takes a look at WDW with a State of the Union like focus.

Magical Definition (iTunes) The Disney Company, The Marvel Years April 18, 2010 Nathan and Jim help us to see that we are just starting to witness Marvel’s integration into the company. Definitely, the goal in buying Marvel was to keep tweens and teens as they life cycle through their enjoyment of Disney. Surprisingly, where we could first see integration into a park is in the countries where they recognize Marvel characters over Mickey Mouse. Could, in fact, Marvel-land replace Tommorrowland in Shanghai? Disney does not want to make the same mistakes, as they did in Hong Kong, with Shanghai and since the negotiations are going so slow, it allows Disney to be fluid in their planning. For us here in the US, Bob Iger’s view is that a good Marvel movie will mean long term success of the brand. We all assumed Fantasyland expansion was the answer to Universal’s Harry Potter land, but could it be a future Marvel endeavor that eclipses Universal Orlando once again? Maybe with the character Antman!  In the end we are still in the discovery, get to know these Marvel characters and only can dream of what the future holds.

Disney Indiana (iTunes) Episode #46 Using Mainly Spoons. . . After hosting a news conference apologizing for the abomination of the April Fool’s Day episode, they interview Chad Emerson about his Project Future book. He relates how his publication details the basis on which Walt choose the location for WDW, the methods used to obtain the vast parcels of land, and how the Reedy Creek Improvement District was formed. I had never considered how the 1964 World’s Fair was a creative bridge between Disneyland’s construction and the forming of Walt Disney World. If you want to have a feel for what Walt saw, Chad gives us a little excursion to view for ourselves what the draw was of this land. Next, continuing the perspective on Pixar, we focus on Monsters, Inc. with its innovative character anatomy and furry details. Of course it is not a Disney Indiana show without Buzzy spinning some tunes based on the themes in the episode. We are reminded of the Sully and Mike close bond with that catchy “I wouldn’t have nothing if I didn’t have you.”

Five Minute Magic (iTunes) Scott, Emily and Melissa host this fast paced, single topic podcast with a twist. They rate each subject with a plus/minus system culminating in a final numeric rating. At first listen I said NOBODY can talk about any aspect of Disney in just 5 minutes. And I was right, one of their episodes clocks in at over 15 minutes(LOL). A relative drop in a bucket compared to many other popular Disney casts, but that is the appeal of the Five Minute Magic. If you have short commute, are going to the store, or just can’t give up multiple hours to get your Disney fix, this podcast is for you.

Episode #35 Metro Retro #4 Premier Passport-Like many of us, they look at the math, but more importantly target the special breed of people who will get the most value for this pass. Is the $700 price worth it just to finally obtain a sturdy plastic annual pass?

Episode #36 Ellen’s Energy Adventure Plusses for this attraction=the stellar cast especially Johnny, the efficient vehicles, the entertaining pre-show. Minusses=poor animatronics, the length (you can go in when the sun is out and come out in complete darkness!), the pre-show length. And is it true that the only resource that is ‘unending’ is what they claim? And is there really ever enough Ellen?

Episode #37 The Jungle Cruise Plusses=the backside of water, nighttime off the script cruises, and the focus on the humor.  Minusses=accessing the boats, the hot metal box in the middle, too scripted, and when it’s bad it’s really bad (whether it’s the skipper or the audience). And a simultaneous plus/minus for the good/bad skippers.

Be Our Guest (iTunes) Episode #220 Restaurants that Surprised Us Kona Café, It’s not just for breakfast. Another stand out mentioned is The Yachtsman Steakhouse with steak and topping. Raglan Road was a revelation with its awesome flatbread and expansive facility, not the imagined Titanic movie with beer slinging and table dancing. Teppan Edo also stood out for its cultural experience and chef grilled Mickeys and Minnies. But some surprises weren’t all positive, for the question was pondered: Is the San Angel Inn really Mexican food? (grilled shrimp on cold potato salad?) And some bombshells went against the norm, like the Spirit of Aloha show with its corny story but enjoyable outdoor setting. And we are surprised when we heard that our favorites were not so well received such as the Yorkshire Fish and Chips. (It’s probably the lack of lighting)

Episode #221 State of the Parks How are they doing, what is good and what is bad, what needs to go and what needs to stay? Starting with the Animal Kingdom, it’s clear what needs to stay and what Riki feels needs to go (DINOSAUR). What needs tweaking? How about that Yeti? And Mike has some kid friendly ideas for Camp Minnie Mickey. Has Hollywood Studios lost its focus? Well they have some thoughts on how to regain it. But tweaks are definitely needed for The Great Movie Ride, maybe something more current? In EPCOT they have some mixed feelings regarding Mission Space, but Spaceship Earth has to remain, with at least the overall theme. Yet, many would not riot over a change of the Soarin’ movie. And tweak-worthy here is Ellen’s Energy Adventure, for it should include the latest in energy saving technology. However, a total revamp is needed for the entire Imagination Pavilion. In the Magic Kingdom, a lack of restaurants is an ongoing issue, or at least quality restaurants. What’s gotta go: the Swiss Family Treehouse or (Egad!) the Teacups? And who could use a little tweaking more than the Tiki’s?

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