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Mickey Ears-Disney Podcast Review 3-23-10

Waltcast (iTunes) Episode #33 You have heard the list of names for the Flower Power Concert series, planned for the Flower and Garden Festival. They help you recall who the performers are by playing clips of their most popular songs. But the amusing part is when Katie and Shawn try to discuss who these musicians are. They as well share why they love The Princess and the Frog so much, spotlighting the fantastic music of the movie.

WDW Radio (iTunes) Episode #160 March 7, 2010 Interviews with Don Hahn and Peter Schneider focus on the 1980’s renaissance of animation in the Disney Company, and their roles in this special period. It is interesting to note the various people that combined to make a ‘perfect storm’ of creativity at the time. Their movie Waking Sleeping Beauty focuses on archival footage of that time, and sounds to be a must see!  Definitely, the passion for excellence is clearly transmitted by these two men, and we are honored to get a glimpse behind the magic.

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DisUnplugged (iTunes) 3/10/10 Epcot Flower & Garden Festival, Princess Marathon, Richard Sherman Interview The team has a difference of opinion of the quality of the Flower and Garden Festival. They describe the scented soaps, the ‘sleeping’ Butterfly Garden and the dichotomy of the displays. But the elevated exchange just shows that overall this is a beloved part of the Disney Park going experience. Kathy experiences another cold Princess Marathon, and the pay off for the training of the participants. And David Parfitt provides another fantastic interview, this time with Legend Richard Sherman. He relays how he ‘helped’ Walt choose Julie Andrews to play Mary Poppins. He also relates wonderful stories about the game changing 1964 World’s Fair, with the inspiration behind It’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow being Walt himself. He concludes with what he is doing today, being just as busy as ever.

DisUnplugged (iTunes) 3/10/10 Review of the Walt Disney Family Museum We are helped to thoroughly experience this great resource with the best way to obtain tickets, perspective of its location, contents of the deli and museum store, as well as utilizing the staff to answer questions. We are told why the museum is established where it is, and how the architecture and even the elevator adds to the story. The real focus of this museum is shown to be the man, not the company, and this is emphasized with the last display, showcasing the emotional death of Walt.

DisUnplugged (iTunes) 3/10/10 Review of Harbor Galley This begins with a description of the setting of this restaurant, next to the Rivers of America. A mouth watering description of the menu with their personal opinions help us to make a decision if this is a place we want to visit the next time we are in DL.

DisUnplugged (iTunes) 3/11/10 DISboards Show Focusing on the chatter of the boards they discuss these topics: What are we passionate about?  How can the Jedi Training Academy be fair for the kids who want to take part? When is the best time of the year to visit? With young children, should I skip EPCOT? Why are the rates at the Deluxe Resorts so high, especially the AP rates? What is going on at River Country? They also direct us to threads that provide discount code information and a place to swap ADR’s.

Keys to the Kingdom (iTunes) Episode #126 Best and Worst Moderate Resorts All the show notes show for this show is “off track” LOL. But, when it comes to deciding the best/worst resort, it all depends on your preferences, and they share their definite selections. Which leads us to the age old question; Does the Caribbean Beach Resort need to be burned to the ground?

Mouse Droppings (iTunes) Episode #24 Allosaurus? What is more scary-dinosaurs or crabs? While riding Dinosaur they consider:  Does anybody know who Bill Nye the science Guy is? How did the dinosaurs die? Why, it was Professor Plum in the Conservatory with the wrench, of course! Stay tuned to the end for the latest Toy Story Mania scoring tip.

Betamouse (iTunes) Episode #6 Disney with Laptops (not labtops, that would be silly!) After revealing what laptops they bring on their trips, they discuss how they protect them during travel, use during their vacation and how they secure them on site. What is a good bag to use so that you don’t even have to take your computer out at airport security? Who trusts Disney Bell Services? (And who can’t trust anybody with their precious cargo?) But, we do get a little insight into how Bell Services works with electronics that might ease the teams concerns. One tip, that might just stand up in court, is given for when you can’t lock up your laptop in your room. Utilizing routers, accessing wireless and anticipated use of the ipad feed our geekiness.

Be Our Guest (iTunes) Episode #210 Pam’s WDW Trip Highlights The cap is met for Give a Day, Get a Disney Day? NOOOO! Pam introduces us to the “Hippocampus Electrolier” and the exquisite Garden Suites at the Boardwalk Resort. She also visits the Grand Villa suites with their spacious laundry rooms.  And she visits U . . . Uni. . .Universal Resort and relays her current feelings of the park and the changes she expects with the coming Harry Potter land. But what about Universal’s front of the line pass? This sparks an emotional conversation, but concludes it would be actually OK to visit both WDW and Universal. :-)

Mouse Travel Tips (iTunes) Episode #5 Flower and Garden Festival, Living with the Land, Garden Grill How to maximize your time at the F&G festival and how to include all members of the family in the many activities. The Land pavilion is also highlighted with its innovative Living with the Land ride and Scrumptious Garden Grill Restaurant.

Passporters Mom’s Podcast (iTunes) Episode #7 The Dish on Disney’s Latest News The Morikami Japanese Museum in Del Ray Beach, speculating about the future of Give-A-Day Get-A-Disney-Day, Disney Premier Passport, D23 Expo in 2011, and the new Ridemakerz shop are news items discussed. Questions regarding babies on DCL, Team Orange and Green on Mission Space and LA Airport to hotel  transportation.

WDW Today (iTunes) Episode#693 Princess Marathon Recap Lisa the wonder mom joins the crew to discuss the Princess half marathon. She shares her motivation along with her race prep. They discuss pre-race meal and characteristic night-before lack of sleep.  Len always has a story, this time about useless hand warmers. But, it sounds like Disney has really applied lessons they have learned, judging from the positive comments. Scopa even shares the results from an experiment, which we can benefit from, as we run future races.

Inside the Magic (iTunes) Episode #258 March 14, 2010 Excerpts from the Disney annual shareholders meeting was shared with us. As usual the question and answer portion provided us with some interesting details such as: why the annual report was reduced to a black and white pamphlet, will a global pass be released, if Dreamfinder will return, availability of ADR’S for regular guests, and of course will Song of the South return? The introduction of the premier pass. Audio from the Sherman Brothers window dedication ceremony held out at Disneyland is also played in its entirety, proving to be an exciting piece of audio, with Mother and Father from the Carousel of Progress Leading the ceremony. As you listen to the many songs the brothers had a part in, you like me, were surprised by the vast playbook. And in case you have been missing one of their greatest compositions, Ricky plays the Astutur Computer song. Marty Sklar emphasized the importance of the brothers songs to all the Disney Parks by means of an innovative compilation if their works. There is even audio from another Sherman Brothers supercalifragilistic event at the El Capitan theatre in California!

Disneyland News Today (iTunes) Episode #9 3/8/10 Indiana Jones Lost Expedition. What was this attraction going to be like? What were some of the features that would have made this an exciting attraction? Why didn’t it get built? Do they think it should have been built? With D23’s anniversary, they break down the annual dues and ask if it is worth the cost. They speculate what the future will hold for the club and conclude with the DL events calendar and closures, with El Capitan events.

Those Darn Cats (iTunes) Episode #94 Re-imagineering Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster OK here we go! The Ramons, Ted Nugent, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, Of course they don’t just throw out these ideas, they develop them with themeing and how to implement these ideas. And this actually is based on a reasonable foundation, that they have to have the long term fan base that is difficult to develop in today’s environment.  Some more random thoughts from the cats: So how long before Capitan EO sucks? How about that afternoon? The whatchamacallit is the future and that’s what scares us.

Magical Definitions (iTunes) Disney’s 2010 Corporate Annual Meeting March 1, 2010 Who could find fault with the new Tron-orails? With the 2011 D23 Expo announced, what will happen in 2010? The answer is Destination D along with reasons to buy your tickets to this event early. From the movie world, remake-arama: Wizard of Oz, the Lone Ranger, even a sequel to Alice. Some of the other commented on topics: The new premier pass and who this is directed at.  A Dumbo musical and Newsies musical. Disney’s new mantra: create, innovate and make money.

All About the Mouse (iTunes) Episode #152 Alice in Wonderland A panel powwow of the movie is the focus of this cast. Is it proper for kids to go see, or is it too dark? What did they think of the CG enhanced characters? Should it be seen in 3D Imax or just in regular 2D? How about the Tim Burton direction, did their original thoughts match the reality of the film? They look at the wardrobe with its stunning visual elements and dark undertones. And Brian relates his most excellent trip report including: low crowds at MK, seeing Alice and seeing friends at Tentfest.

Be Our Guest (iTunes) Episode #211 A Family of Four and Live WDW Audio, Part 1 A staple of the BOGP, a trip report, starting with the drive and passing under the gates of the World where you can just feel the excitement! When they pick a pearl at the Japanese Pavilion, they share a tip for a big payoff. We also hear audio of some of the moving Candlelight Processional.  And with any holiday trip comes one thing: holiday fireworks! But the audio of various attractions, shows and especially the kids’ comments really make this episode shine!

WDW Today (iTunes) Episode #692 Listener Questions Always lively, the team answers these questions: Does Disney heat all bodies of water on property? How does Disney deal with lost children? Are there Ultimate Touring Plans for other parks? They also share Michael Eisner opinions and synopsize his career, along with some must Do’s outside of the parks.

Laughing Place (iTunes) Episode #140 March 12, 2010 Captain EO starts of this cast, speculating on the how long it will be there and what is its impact on DL, with who will be motivated to go see this movie. Another movie refered to is Alice in Wonderland with its zaniness. An awesome comment is that this movie is “a full length Anne Lebowitz picture.”  The ESPN rebranding and their seeing the Harlem Globetrotters in 3D… you know ‘live!’

The Progress City Radio Hour (iTunes) Episode #2 Robin Hood and the background of the movie with the climate of the company at the time. Next, Century 3, Future Probe or how we know it: Horizons is examined including audio of Reaching New Horizons, an unused Sherman Brothers song intended for the attraction. Subsequently, New Orleans Square at DL with the seaside architecture, and the area attractions is emphasized. Next, we go on a whirlwind tour of the lands of DL with their opinions and memories. To conclude they give insights on listener submitted questions.

Above the Firehouse (iTunes) Episode #44 Tony mourns the loss of the effects from the Captain EO Tribute and is not really impressed with the whole moving floor effect. He also makes us suffer his pain as he shares audio of the worst Jungle Cruise skipper. Oops, he did it again! 101 evac off of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

The Disney Dudes (iTunes) Episode #41 Some noteworthy stories from Trace and Lisa’s trips: eating at The ‘Dachtsman’ Steakhouse, seeing the sasquatch crocodilian, Trace breaking and entering the wrong stateroom and having Mr. Smee costume confused for Santa Claus. Farcical and hilarious!!