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Mickey Ears-Disney Podcast Review 3-16-10

Editor: Alas, I totally missed Shawn’s post from last week. My apologies. Here it is now.  We’ll work it out so none of these are missed in the future.

Disney Indiana (iTunes) Episode #43 Make mine Music-The 60’s Tracey and Scott share their top 5 songs from Disney in the 1960’s. While the popular movies and theme parks attractions provide memorable songs that we love today, they also pick some lesser known or even unknown (Beach Boys do Disney?)compositions to round out their list. Interestingly, they can’t help but notice that many of these pieces come from the Sherman brothers. So they discuss their Disney career: how they came under contract to Disney, the melodies of the 1964 world’s fair and their favorite song. The signature appeal of the brothers speaks for itself when they have such a memorable jingle as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and we confuse that  movie as coming from Disney.

Be Our Guest Episode (iTunes) #209 Tips for flying to WDW with Pliot Jay– Who knew a hunk of aluminum could fly? Jay gives us great tips to make the most of flying that we probably haven’t heard before. The expertise includes checking in, packing properly (rolling clothes into cigar shape?), valid reasons to fly early in the day, tips to calm down your crying child and even ‘playing chicken’ with the gate agent. You may have also wondered: how can you see WDW from the plane as you fly into or out of Orlando? Jay has a prompt for a quick glance. We even get insight into what are the favorite airports for the crew.

WDW Today (iTunes) Episode #690 ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Matt and Scopa were invited to the rebranding of this sports facility, and hilarity ensues! Scopa fawned over the athletes for the New England teams (A man’s crush on Vinatieri?). And Matt had difficulty recognizing many of the attendees, culminating in the meeting of Shawn Johnson. He even asked her (not his) handler who she was. If only to be a fly on that microphone!

Inside the Magic (iTunes) Episode #257 March 7, 2010 Ricky’s review of Alice in Wonderland. As a fan of both the animated Alice and Tim Burton, he shares his thoughts on the characters and the music of the film. Did the White Queen, with her floating through each scene, even belong in the picture? Is the Mad Hatter entirely mad? Finally, his comments on the immense use of CG round out this review.  He also does an appraisal of the wholly rebuilt Holiday Inn at Downtown Disney, with all its amenities and its exciting pool area.

Mousetalgia (iTunes) Episode #71 What would you smuggle out of the Disney Archives? That deep question starts this cast with an enviable tour of the Disney Studios. Details of the Animation building, the Ink and Paint building, with connecting tunnel; and the Legends courtyard (oops, drooled on keyboard) are relayed to us in detail. And the attempted search for Walt’s grave at the Forest Lawn Cemetery provides some comic relief for a serious search. To conclude, a dining experience at the Tam O’Shanter Restaurant, where they search for the seat that Walt sat in, make a full fledged Walt Disney day.

Remember the Magic (iTunes) Episode #22 for the Week of March 7, 2010 Always searching for Hidden Mickey’s we hear of a big one on Splash Mountain. They also showcase Cinderella’s Royal Table with photo package, definitely a restaurant for the kids. A roundtable discussion of the Flower and Garden Festival, describes the various displays for the adults as well as the tasks directed at the younger members of our families.

Magical Definition (iTunes) Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole, Disney’s Alice in Wonderland March 7, 2010 This discussion touches on so many aspects of this movie such as: Why the Hatter is mad? The parallels noted between the characters down the rabbit hole and the ones in Alice’s life. Is 3D the best way to see this movie? Do the stand out CG adulterated characters like the Red Queen and Stayne, the knave of hearts, detract from the movie? As a summation, Nathan gives glowing admiration for this movie and tells why. The Tron trailer is also underscored with the anticipated political and religious issues with this movie.  And finally, the return of the MSEP and the expected changes to the design and the lights and the music is hinted at.

WDW News Today (iTunes) Episode #132 The Christmas Podcast Commentary Be sure to have at least heard or have playing as you listen, the WDWNT Christmas day Parade podcast. Without that, this is kinda like being in the other room as others watch a funny movie, and you keep asking “What’s so funny?” But, it is interesting nonetheless, to hear the basis of such funny bits like Yeti-profin. They certainly research their jokes thoroughly! You have to appreciate the references to iconic and not so iconic parts of our media. Their in jokes and making fun of themselves and their vast podcast network is always a staple of the Christmas Day podcast. And stay tuned for the bloopers at the end of course.

WedWay Radio (iTunes) Episode #37 Splash Mountain and our First Birthday How do you do? Fine. How are you? How you come on? Pretty good sure as you’re born. The background of Song of the South is introduced with analysis of the controversy of this movie. How were they able to make the attraction if the movie had such negative undertones? Is Disney held to a higher standard than other studios that produced similar movies of that time? In regards to the attraction, where did the design come from? How about the name-Splash Mountain? Now that’s an intriguing story! The differences of the WDW and DL are accentuated with the reasons why, and the one you are more likely to get wet on. The elaborate queue many have not seen, the changes to the railroad layout and Splash Mountain landing are all detailed as well.

Discast (iTunes) Episode #28 March 7, 2010 With Captain EO returning to DL, Marc fantasizes about what other attractions should be returned in their original form. Also Marc relays Disney and tech news featuring Apple.

WDW Today (iTunes) Episode #691 The Richard Petty Driving Experience With the crashes being the most exciting part of NASCAR, how does that relate to this experience? They also have some other ideas to make this a little more exciting. And since you enter the car Dukes of Hazzard style, can you also slide across the hood? The sounds, vibrations, sights and the emotions of this free with AP ride along are all related to us in hilarious detail.

Dave’s Disney View (iTunes) Episode #4 Horizons Ride-Through (Part 1) Dave takes on a scene by scene narration of the Horizons pavilion, highlighting a lot of the technical details, history and basis of the many displays. He also reminds us of the revered orange smell. The audio from the attraction adds to the overall appreciation for this experience.

A Window to the Magic (iTunes) Episode #228 Disneyus Non-Sequiturium He calls this ‘What’s in Paul’s itunes?” But we are so happy this is more than just a playlist, these are actual audio recordings of Walt, park parades, attractions and shows that takes us away from mundane to our happy place!

W.W.E.D. (iTunes) Episode #6 Classics-that’s how I would refer to these tracks. Ludwig Von Drake, the original Jungle Cruise spiel, a little remixed Tiki Tiki added to Roger Rabbit, Route 66 and a DJ Jazzy Jeff Supercalifragilisisticexpialidocious are sure to satisfy your Disney craving!

Mousestation (iTunes) Episode #396 March 11, 2010 How David Koenig got Started We get some insight into the perfect opportunity that David grabbed onto to begin his writing about Disney. It is an inspiring story that we benefit from every time we read his works. The question of the week is analyzing whether or not D23 is still worth the investment considering recent rumors that there may be no expo this year.

Mousetimes (iTunes) Episode #93 John visits the newly branded the ESPN Wide World of Sports and explains some of the visible changes to the complex. He also rides the refurbed Splash Mountain, and shares what is new and refreshed. An audio ride thru Splash with a bunch of his friends is entertaining, but I do not remember any long toned beeps during the ride, they must be new. LOL

Mr. Franks Wild Ride (iTunes) Episode #2 Dan from Thank You Walt Disney Inc. in Kansas City talks of his group’s efforts to save Walt Disney’s first studio. Some of the interesting things around this studio are that not only Disney, but many other famous studios can trace their roots back to Walt and this building. The team also talks of Soarin’ with some tips for the best seat in the house, as well as the story of its creation. Give Kids the World, a WDW local charity, is featured with the wonderful, positive experience they provide for their visitors.

The Season Pass (iTunes) Episode Episode #116 Tim Delaney Part 3 California Adventure and Hong Kong Disneyland 3/8/10 Interesting behind the scenes look at the detail that went into DCA and where the theme developed from. A look at the structure of the many rides shows the commitment to detail like California Screamin’ with its wood coaster look on top of the metal structure. The entryway, the Giant mural, the letters and other opening day icons are all detailed for us. With the criticism of DCA though, the thought is presented that it was always going to be a challenge building next to a 50 year old park that had time to build up and develop a base of fans. The whole Tim Delaney on time, under budget comes to bite him in Hong Kong working on that project. The challenge of building a Tomorrowland in a country ahead of the rest of the world was a real issue as well. Tim also addresses the negative press that he received on that project.