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Mickey Ears-Disney Podcast Review 3-12-10

Mousestation (iTunes) Episode #393 March 2, 2010 Collected Short Subjects-In the Honey I Shrunk the Audience attraction, do they try to ‘push’ the startle moments that take away from the overall attraction? How does ‘the Imagination institute’ tie in to the movie? And what do Mark and Mike think about this attraction? The undiscovered EPCOT tour proves to be a way to see behind the magic, even with inconsistencies of information between cast members. A listener asks what happens to cast members during refurbs of their work location and Mike tells of his experience in this area.

Waltcast (iTunes) Episode #32-First, thanks for the shout out for @dis_pod_review on twitter. Dave and Jennifer Marx of the Passporter series of books tell Shawn and Katie how innocent they were when they started writing their first book, not knowing what they were getting themselves into. I enjoyed the story of what inspired the unique Passporter book, with its pockets. They relate how they cope with the constant changes to the lay of the land as well as the new additions to the 2010 edition. We are informed of how the ebooks are different than the print books, and what the worksheets are, as well as their plans for the future.

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Pod (iTunes) Episode #49 Disney Decade in Review-Aaron discusses the correlation between the Disney Company in the 1980’s and the 2000’s. He also counts down the best and the worst of the 2000 decade. Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana tops one of those lists. It’s up to you to find out which list that is and why. But with every podcast from Aaron, you’ll find yourself agreeing with much of what he says and equally as much hollering at your ipod questioning his rationale. Either way you realize that he has put a lot of thought into his conclusions, and there is no questioning his love for Disney and his yearning that the company to succeed.

Disneyland News Today (iTunes) Episode #8 3/1/10– Speculation on how long Captain EO will be in the park and a discussion of the large amount of EO merchandise available. They also wonder whether the new Little Mermaid attraction will now set the standard for dark rides. The Indiana Jones attraction is detailed starting with the elaborate queue and its many hidden features. They even speculate that Fast Pass should be eliminated so that all can enjoy the features of the queue. One tip to get the most out of this attraction: buy a whip and a hat and you will be braver on the ride.

Those Darn Cats (iTunes) Episode #93 A Greater Movie Ride? Sure the Great Movie Ride has potential, but these ideas could only come from the Whatchamacallit: Terminator 2, Matrix, Robocop or Godzilla. I tend to agree with Lisa’s proposed changes like adding Animal House, Abbott and Costello and the like. Nix the Burning Man, Wicker Man idea though, it’s a little too over the edge. A lot of fun, though to play around with ideas and how to implement them into this attraction.

Betamouse (iTunes) Episode #5 Lifestreaming from the Parks-Many use Twitter, Facebook and other social media to share with others what they are enjoying in the parks. They discuss the emerging need that some  have to separate their Disney friends from their non Disney friends. One point I appreciated is to not be negative, overusing such terms as: fail, epoch fail etc when referring to a soon to be forgotten misstep. Twitter etiquette, tweeting too often and other pitfalls are highlighted. How about live video streaming? Is it worth the battery drain? And of course the future of social media with that whole flying orb thing is brought up again.

Coaster Radio (iTunes) Episode#426 The Quest for the Perfect Pee-Mike’s road to the American Idol Experience was in the hands of the viewers this week. He sang, now he has to face the critique, so as to better his eventual audition. Also, how does Sea World balance being a business with the care and safety of the animals and humans? And are parks responsible for our valuables while on their rides?

Be Our Guest (iTunes) Episode #208 Surprise Trips and a Big Surprise at the End of Show! We get so much joy at the parks, it is no wonder we want to surprise our loved ones with a trip. The most difficult part is keeping it a secret! We hear of experiences both of giving and receiving, along with a blockbuster idea! The surprise at the end. . . yeah like I’m going to tell you! I will say that it is an opportunity to share in some good times of one of our BOGP family.

Be Out Guest Live show-One of the listeners rode The Richard Petty driving experience, and related it to riding in a golf cart ride (yeah right). They also detail some DCL cabin recommendations to minimize the motion of the ocean, or how far away to be from pointy end of ship. They also share some tips on posting pictures to Facebook while in the parks, balancing enjoying your trip and also sharing it with others. Star Wars weekend tips for the casual fans are requested. As well as some ideas for a dining party of 25. Yee Haa Bob and his awesome show, and the effort of marathon on crowd levels fill out this show.

WDW today (iTunes) Episode#687 Yesterland Tomorrowland-Tomorrowland attractions no longer around. What 5 attractions were in the building before Buzz Lightyear? Remember Timekeeper, Exterrorestrial Alien Encounter, Mission to the Moon or Magic Carpet around the World? They relate which ones they miss the most.

Mousestation (iTunes) Episode#394 March 4, 2010 Tommy Kirk-The Hardy Boys, The Shaggy Dog, and Old Yeller. He relates how he got into character for that famous heart wrenching scene from Old Yeller. His transformation into the Shaggy Dog with the itchy mucilage, his recollection of working with Walt and being part of the studio were enjoyable anecdotes. The question of the week elicited a wide range of responses, with quotes from the movies, parks and even Walt himself.

Disunplugged (iTunes) 3/4/10 email-The team answers emails on these topics that you may also want to hear about: Who’s eligible for the15 month annual pass, vegetarian dining options-particularly during honeymoon, Beach Club concierge vs. Polynesian concierge, Down Syndrome Congress Convention, helicopter tours, forums for Give-a-day Questions, and an ingenious water bottle option.

Character Breakfast (iTunes) Episode #87-The squad has some ideas for romance while at WDW. You know, like stealing a kiss on Big Thunder Mountain or on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. Of course, Pluto cues us in on some of the difficulties in being romantic at the park. The crew also speculates on how Disney can avoid an accident similar to the Sea World tragedy.

Disney Tidbits (iTunes) Episode #68 Did You Know. . .The Creative Works of Harriet Burns-Tairy takes us on an audio trip of many of Harriet Burns creations. Like me, you will be in awe to know she contributed to so many attractions as well as other beloved parts of Disney History.

Mouse Guest Weekly (iTunes) Episode #241 March 7, 2010-The extended crew shares their thoughts after seeing Alice in Wonderland in IMAX 3D. With limited spoilers, they compare this iteration to the well known animated feature. How was Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, and did any of his other roles influence his character? And speaking of characters, which ones stood out above the rest? How about the music, was it memorable? And, how about that ‘dance’? This will surely not be the last time this ‘dance’ will be discussed. But should it have been part of the movie, or was it inserted to placate the children in the audience? No review from Mouse Guest would be complete without their patented Fast Pass, standby or just pass rating.

14 thoughts on “Mickey Ears-Disney Podcast Review 3-12-10”

  1. I already listen to a couple of these but I will defninitely check out more. Sounds like Betamouse will have something for those of us who aren’t super-techy. Will defninitely give it a listen.

  2. Shawn!

    Thanks for mentioning Betamouse. I’m glad you’re with me on the overusage of FAIL (!). Keep listening!

    And Chris–we’d love to have ya!

  3. Are you that challenged for article content that you have to Summarize Podcasts here? Hello…you are written media, Podcasts are audio and some video…different media. Let the folks who want to listen/watch those podcasts do so…we don’t need highlights from them on a blog. Oh and while I’m at it, what does Lost have to do with Disney other than it is shown on the Disney network? Never got that one.

    I realize no blogs are perfect and I will still tune in…oh sorry…read your blog just like I have for the past two years.

  4. Thanks for mentioning Betamouse! I’m glad that you seem to be enjoying what we are trying to do. Keep on listening, and hopefully we can have you on the show soon.

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  7. Hi Bob. Thanks for reading and contributing. I’ll admit I want the podcast reviews for selfish reasons. I don’t have the time to listen to dozens of podcasts a week and therefore enjoy the ability to find the one or two that I’ll find most informative or entertaining via Shawn’s excellent reviews. I hope this applies to others in the Disney fan community as well. I believe that the Disney fan podcast community is one of the real gems of the overall fan community and the work they put in each week should be rewarded. If I had enough time I’d probably start my own here at TDB.

    As for LOST and other ABC tv shows, you’re right. The connection is they’re are broadcast on Disney owned ABC. Which in a blog that aims to cover all facets of the Walt Disney Company, the Disney family, and fans of both, is enough for me. In fact, I expect to offer expanded coverage of Marvel products soon.

    What I will do is try to clean up the categories I use on the blog so it will be easier to read just the stuff you’re interested in.

    Again, thanks for reading and I hope you do stick around and continue to comment.

  8. Can’t thank you enough for mentioning Betamouse! Keep listening! And everyone here mentioning us–I’m so overwhelmed by your support! Thank you so much!

  9. John, I appreciate the answers and like I said, I will still continue to be a fan of your blog cause 97% of great content on a great blog still works well for me! Keep up the good work and keep mixing it up.

    Bob in PA

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