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New Adventureland restaurant construction update – May 2015

The Magic Kingdom will soon be home to a new restaurant experience in Adventureland. The old Verandah space is reportedly being converted to a Jungle Cruise themed concept that will operate similarly to the Be Out Guest restaurant with quick service lunch and sit-down dinner.… Read More »New Adventureland restaurant construction update – May 2015

Construction update on new Adventureland Restaurant

As we reported last month, the Magic Kingdom is adding another restaurant by returning an old space from Character Meet & Greets to its original food service purpose. Originally known as the Adventureland Verandah, it will return with a new theme, a larger kitchen (shared… Read More »Construction update on new Adventureland Restaurant

Top posts of the week at The Disney Blog – Week 6


In case you missed them, here are the most visited stories of the week on The Disney Blog.

We had two major construction updates last week.

A lot of news coming out of Walt Disney Studios too:Read More »Top posts of the week at The Disney Blog – Week 6

Downtown Disney / Disney Springs Construction Update from December 2014


Today we have a big update from the last part of December focusing on Downtown Disney. It is now just a few months away from opening the first locations in “The Landing” and being renamed as Disney Springs. As you can see above, Disney Springs now appears to have an official seal. It’s on the boards that cover a few of the windows in “The Landing.” Elsewhere in The Landing, a lot of work has been done on The Boathouse restaurant.

Construction of the second garage is now underway. That also means all of the surface parking from on the Marketplace side is now closed. So after 5pm or on weekends park across the street at Team Disney. The surface lot behind Cirque Du Soliel is also open, but the new Parking Garage appears to be the best bet for easy and close parking to the Westside.

More than 20 photos from the most recent update below:

Read More »Downtown Disney / Disney Springs Construction Update from December 2014

Downtown Disney becoming Disney Springs – Construction Update for November

We have a really big update from Downtown Disney for you today. There’s a whole raft of updates to report as the popular shopping, dining, and entertainment district prepares to become Disney Springs.

In a previous update we explored the newly open Exposition Park Food Truck lot and we had our first peek inside the new parking structure.

The entrance to Downtown Disney is forever changed as a giant parking structure now occupies the former main parking lot for the westside. There’s still plenty of working going on, even on the parking garage itself. Eventually two walk-ways will connect the garage with Disney Springs. For now, there’s some extra construction walls to help corral pedestrian traffic into the West Side.


The biggest change is the re-opening of the walk-way through the former Pleasure Island area. This area will soon be known as “The Landing.” But for now, it’s still a mess of walls and storefronts that aren’t quite ready to open. You’ll note that they added some fake trolley tracks to the ground at the top of the hill and some concept art to show what that area will look like when finished.

There’s also been quite a lot of work on The Hanger and The Boathouse, two of the first dining experiences expected to open in The Landing.

Behind the Landing is “The Springs” and work is going on there too, with what looks like some of the first vertical structures being erected already.

More photos below the jump:
Read More »Downtown Disney becoming Disney Springs – Construction Update for November

Magic Kingdom Plaza Improvement – November 2014 Construction Update


The Plaza (or Hub) at the Magic Kingdom is undergoing a major renovation in order to improve guest flow during the busy show and parade times. We’re back with another look at the progress made so far. We had two updates in September, but we actually skipped October. So there’s been quite a bit of progress since we last checked in.

The side closer to Crystal Palace is closer to completion. You can start to see where the viewing area/garden area will take shape as well a the new path that will lead from near Crystal Palace into the hub. The Tomorrowland Terrace side is a bit further behind, and there’s more work to be done as they also have to build a new seating area in front of the Plaza Restaurant.

The end result of this construction will be a wider area leading from Main Street to the Hub. There will be two garden areas that can be used for fireworks viewing parties, expanded outside seating for Casey’s Jr and some much needed seating for the Ice Cream Palace and Starbucks.

Continue the tour below:Read More »Magic Kingdom Plaza Improvement – November 2014 Construction Update

Downtown Disney Construction Update – Big Disney Springs Rumors Inside

I’m realizing that when I wrote my Disney’s Hollywood Studios rumored future posts, I left off Disney Springs from the list of projects under development. And then, of course, Disney comes out and confirms two new properties from Disney Springs making me look bad.

As it turns out I was just at Downtown Disney checking in on the construction progress. There’s some significant improvements in a few areas, and even two new shops that have opened. I took a bunch of video and pictures before it got too dark, so I have a second October update to share today:

More photos and some speculation on what shops and restaurants might be coming to Disney Springs below the jump:

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