Construction update on new Adventureland Restaurant


As we reported last month, the Magic Kingdom is adding another restaurant by returning an old space from Character Meet & Greets to its original food service purpose. Originally known as the Adventureland Verandah, it will return with a new theme, a larger kitchen (shared with Liberty Tree Tavern), new name, and MyMagic+ technology similar to Be Our Guest in New Fantasyland.

Here’s a look at what we can see of the remodel right now:

The latest rumor is that the restaurant will be themed to something related to the Jungle Cruise. No idea what the menu will involve yet, but the original location had an asian flair to it.

What type of food do you think fits with the Adventureland theme?

6 thoughts on “Construction update on new Adventureland Restaurant”

  1. There’s a lot more renovation going on there than I expected. I heard it’s going to be called the “Skipper’s Cantina” — backstory: Jungle Cruise skippers wanted to make some extra cash so they opened a restaurant. Pretty exciting!

  2. I think the new restaurant in Adventureland should have big cuts of meat and maybe even a turkey leg on the menu.

  3. The original Adventureland Veranda was so beautiful, with an ornate, south-seas/carribean-esque theme. The music gave the place a carefree and luxurious atmosphere ( – very relaxing!!) It all went very well with the beautiful Veranda area right as you got into Adventureland. These picturesque buildings did, and still do, give the illusion that people lived and worked in them. While I love the Jungle Cruise, it’s my favorite attraction, this is the wrong section of Adventureland to put it in. I hope this new reincarnation will feature the same theming as the original, but as a happy fan of all things Adventureland, I’m sure I will be thrilled with whatever they decide to do with this gorgeous space!

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