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New animals emerge from roots of Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom


The central focus on Discovery Island has always been the Tree of Life with it’s 500+ animals sculpted into its trunk and limbs. If you wanted to see some of those sculptures up close you had to either walk the trails around the back of the tree or explore the queue of “Tough to be a Bug” (definitely recommended). But this weekend you have a new opportunity to see the circle of life rendered in new roots that have emerged from the Tree of Life.

From bugs to crocodiles, I counted 11 new animals. Did I miss any?

Below is another upclose look at most of them:

The reconfiguring of this section of the park also added more walkways. These areas will eventually host a new street party that will take place after dark on Discovery Island. No word yet on when that event will debut.

What do you think of the new animal carvings at the Tree of Life?

4 thoughts on “New animals emerge from roots of Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom”

  1. There originally were only 325 animals on the Tree of Life before the addion of these roots. Where did you get 500+ from?

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