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Downtown Disney Construction Update – Big Disney Springs Rumors Inside

I’m realizing that when I wrote my Disney’s Hollywood Studios rumored future posts, I left off Disney Springs from the list of projects under development. And then, of course, Disney comes out and confirms two new properties from Disney Springs making me look bad.

As it turns out I was just at Downtown Disney checking in on the construction progress. There’s some significant improvements in a few areas, and even two new shops that have opened. I took a bunch of video and pictures before it got too dark, so I have a second October update to share today:

More photos and some speculation on what shops and restaurants might be coming to Disney Springs below the jump:

A few slides were leaked from a presentation to cast members in March of 2013 (source photos uploaded to WDWMagic). On the slides were lists of brand names that would be invited to set up shop at Disney Springs. This was a list of some great potential shopping and dining tenants. I don’t think contacts had been signed with any of them at that point. However, two of the brands on the list are among those that were just announced – The Boathouse and Morimoto Asia.

It’s worth noting that the two new shops “set the bar” and “sublime” were not on the list. Reading the tea leaves, there have been some some announcements, of sorts, leaked via construction documents or other stories that restaurants “The Hanger,” “The Edison” (a Kinetescape concept), and ‘STK’ (part of The One Group) will be opening in Orlando as part of partnership with Disney. The Edison LA is a cool steampunk themed bar and diner in Los Angeles. That would be great to have in Orlando.

So let’s take a look at the list and see which ones we would like to see at the finished project.

Reail potential tenant list:
Apple Store
Uni Qlo
Topshop Topman
American Girl
Paul Frank
Jane and Jack
Brooks Brothers
Cole Haan
Bershka Mac
Alex and Ani
New Balance
Lululemon Atlethic

Disney themed:
Beautifully Disney
Disney Home

Food options included:
The Edison
Argo Tea
Shake Shack
Food Network
Powell’s Sweet SHop

Disney themed food options:
Disney Character Dining
Walt’s Place
Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar
Food Truck Row
Disney Burger

Any of those catch your eye?

8 thoughts on “Downtown Disney Construction Update – Big Disney Springs Rumors Inside”

  1. The Apple Store would make a fortune off of people who left their chargers at home!

    I can also see American Girl having a very profitable store if they worked with Disney to create some licensed products, such as dolls or even just special outfits.

  2. Shake Shack was only ever a rumor, is anything confirmed? Much as it would be awesome I think it’s too small for an Apple Store, not enough access and there are already 3 in and around Orlando.

  3. I want Babycakes to get its store back. terrible move by Disney to close Babycakes, esp for those who have food allergies. The prepackaged items from Babycakes at some resorts are hard to find, not fresh and lack variety. Never mind they don’t taste the same. BRING BABYCAKES BACK PLEASE

  4. I have a 5-year old daughter who will freak out if American Girl comes to the Spring. On a side note, is there any validity to the rumor my wife told me today about Disney buying/acquiring American Girl? She swears she heard it somewhere, but I have not.

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