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Downtown Disney Parking Garage will used advanced technology to help you park


The transformation from Downtown Disney to Disney Springs is fully underway. We’ve been chronicling it through our updates, including the latest updates on new food options and the opening of the first parking garage later this month.

New information regarding that parking garage has just come to light. From a cast member informational flyer, we can now verify that it will be free to park in both garages. When both garages are finished, overall parking at Downtown Disney will have increased by more than a third.

The new garages will also incorporate new technology that will help guests find an parking space. Lights above each space will indicate which spots are available directing guests efficiently to each open space. This technology can be seen in use at Dallas-Fort Worth airport’s parking garage.

The first garage will open later this month and the second sometime in 2016. The first major area of Disney Springs “The Landing” will open in 2015, with phase two “Town Center” opening in 2016. Lots of work will continue on the Westside and Marketplace over that time as well.

Finally, I think it’s safe to say that BabyCakes NYC will once again have a bakery in Downtown Disney. Look for it to open in The Landing area in early 2015. Sound Lion, an upscale headphones store will also be coming to Disney Springs.

Do you think having lights indicating which space are available will make parking at Downtown Disney easier?

9 thoughts on “Downtown Disney Parking Garage will used advanced technology to help you park”

  1. I have to say that, even though we almost always have a car at WDW, we take the bus or boat to Downtown Disney almost exclusively. Unless we’re headed over there at around 11:00 a.m., we just hop whichever transportation option is most convenient at our resort.

    I suppose having lights above the spaces will help somewhat in finding an available spot in the garage, but you’ll still have to navigate through multiple levels and rows to find something. Honestly, I think the dedicated bus lanes outside Downtown Disney will only make the bus option all that more attractive. Being able to walk over from Saratoga Springs will be even better, the next time we stay there.

  2. This technology Disney is going to use in the parking garage can be seen in every major European city. That’s nothing special over here.

  3. We have a few parking ramps here in Chicago with this technology, and it just make things so much easier. No frustration as you think you find a spot, and realize a small compact car is just really far up in the space. No having to make guesses of which lane to go down on busy days.

  4. The McRae parking garage off of Orange Avenue has this technology and I did like it. Besides having red and green lights the available disabled parking has blue lights which turn red after you park.

  5. Well, lights above the spaces can’t possibly make it worse. Have avoided DTD for a while now, even though we love going over, strolling around and grabbing a bite to eat. Can’t wait until everything is done.

    1. Me too…love the place, but as a rule have promised myself to avoid it entirely until it’s basically all finished, even if that is a year or more away from right now. Can’t wait though to finally walk into and through the finished product, garage, stores, restaurants, and all.

  6. BWI airport has something similar, though it’s not as obvious to the newcomer as this sounds (the lights are white, if I remember correctly, and are at ground level). Overhead lights, coloured like this describes, sounds like it’ll be helpful.

  7. The Cosmopolitan in Vegas has this and I started wondering why everyone didn’t do this. It was nice being able to see I could drive down the row and know I only needed to look for pedestrians as there weren’t any spots.

  8. Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio has had this red light/green light system for over a year. In fact, if you want to see what Disney is concocting at Lake Buena Vista, just take a look at Easton.

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