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Luigi’s Flying Tires to close at DCA, Replacement due in 2016

Imagineer test rides Luigi's Flying Tires

Imagineer test rides Luigi’s Flying Tires

Some big news Disney California Adventure. One of the original Cars Land attractions is about to close forever and a new attraction will take it’s place. Luigi’s Flying Tires has been in operation since 2012 in the Casa della Tires location of Radiator Springs from Pixar’s Cars franchise. We just learned it’s official last day of operations will be February 16, 2015 and a new attraction will take its place in early 2016.

The concept of Luigi’s Flying Tires was essentially a giant game of air hockey. Guests rode around on tires elevated from puffs of air emanating from the surface. Steering occurred by leaning in one direction of another. And while it was a great concept, the ride system itself had many problems and didn’t quite live up to the level of guest satisfaction Disney shoots for in their attractions.

If this sounds familiar it’s because Disneyland tried this once before in the 1960s with its Tomorrowland Flying Saucers attraction. The flying saucers ride was open from August 6, 1961 to August 5,

Imagineers were excited to bring the ride back thinking that they had conquered the issues that caused the shuttering of the earlier incarnation. Alas, it appears that humans were never destined to ride giant air hockey pucks in theme parks.


Based on concept art shared by Disney, the new ride system ditches the air-hockey system for something else. No word yet, on what that will be. But Disney promised it will be ‘Cars’ themed.

I’m sad that Luigi’s Flying Tires is closing before I ever got a chance to ride it. If you were lucky enough, what are your remembrances?

8 thoughts on “Luigi’s Flying Tires to close at DCA, Replacement due in 2016”

  1. This ride was absolutely awful from beginning to the end. I would like to thank Disneyland for actually listening to the guests and terminating this ride forever. The ride was slow and very uneventful. I gave this ride a chance three different times to become better and it never did. It was definitely the black cloud over the great cars land experience. Good Riddance Luigi’s flying tires and I hope your replacement doesn’t disappoint as much as you did!!!!

  2. My 6-year-old grandson and I rode this in August. No line, and we had a great time. But I can see why others might not be crazy about it. It took time to learn to navigate the tires.

  3. I completely agree. We only tried it once but that was enough. Hubby and I thought maybe it was because we are adults. Some if the people with small children seemed to have better luck getting the tires to move. Thank you, Disney, for not keeping it any longer.

  4. The one time I rode it I had a blast. I’m sorry other didn’t have as much fun as I did. I wonder what people were thinking riding on air would be. But yea for something new instead of the place being left empty and forgetten like other areas.

  5. My wife and I have been on Luigi’s many times and we always had a blast. Don’t know why people have such a hard time figuring out how to work it. I am sad that it is closing down so soon. I also remember riding the Flying Saucers in Disneyland when I was young and thought it was fun also. So long Flying Tires.

  6. my memory is getting stuck in one corner of the ride the entire time. Both times I rode it. Sad to see a ride close, but this one was lackluster.

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