Stitch’s Great Escape at Magic Kingdom to operate on seasonal basis, may close forever

Stitch’s Great Escape at the Magic Kingdom never really felt like it belonged at the park. The attraction was based on a child friendly film, featuring one of the most popular characters to be created by Disney since Donald Duck,…

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Disney World Hotel Holiday Photo Tour

Every year my mother and I travel to “The World” and go resort hopping to check out the Christmas Decorations…but mostly to see the beautiful Gingerbread creations the resorts create. This year was no different. We started at the Boardwalk at around 12:15. (Tip #1: Don’t be afraid to explore hotels! Even though there are guards before you enter the parking lot, they are more than happy to let you in if you say you want to check it out!)

Boardwalk is the newest to the Gingerbread party. They have recently found their “niche” with a Gingerbread gazebo. This year’s main character was Stitch, with Donald playing a supporting role as Santa coming down the chimney. A train circles the gazebo with each of the cars representing a store or restaurant on the Boardwalk. (Tip #2: All Gingerbread displays have Hidden Mickey’s! Look at the sign in front of the display to see how many there are to find!)

This they have also added a store. When I went, they were only selling Stollen Bread and Mini-Gingerbread houses. I have heard they will start having more of a variety of products soon, but I can’t confirm that. The store has a cute Stitch overlay as well. Thanks to the cast member for smiling for the picture!

After that we took a stroll along the boardwalk, heading left. We looked around in the store for a bit, received a lecture from a Disney Vacation Club cast member, and then entered the Yacht Club. Yes, I know, the Yacht Club doesn’t have a gingerbread…well anything! None the less, we go every year, since it is next to the Beach Club.