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Stitch’s Great Escape at Magic Kingdom to operate on seasonal basis, may close forever


Stitch’s Great Escape at the Magic Kingdom never really felt like it belonged at the park. The attraction was based on a child friendly film, featuring one of the most popular characters to be created by Disney since Donald Duck, and featured a science fiction story, so you think it would fit in Tomorrowland.

Alas, the company decided to put its Stitch attraction in the space formerly occupied by the scariest ride in the park (Alien Encounter) and neglected to remove two of the most child frightening elements of the ride, the seats that lock you in and the total darkness. At least they didn’t drip blood on you, but we could have done without the chili breath.

There had been a rumor going around for the last year or so that Imagineers had something else in mind for that space. The Orlando Sentinel has now learned from a Disney spokesperson that the attraction will soon operated on only on a seasonal basis. Essentially when Disney thinks holiday or summer crowds will be large enough they need the capacity.

Which makes me ponder, what’s wrong with the crowds right now that they don’t need that capacity? This seems to be part of a cost cutting efforts at Walt Disney World.

Does this mean the attraction is now on the chopping block? Usually, yes. It’s a good bet that when the money is finally available to give Tomorrowland the update it deserves, Stitch will be gone forever, if not sooner.