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Stitch Toys Now Available In U.S. McDonald’s Happy Meals For Limited Time

Stitch Toys Now Available In U.S. McDonald's Happy Meals

If you’re a fan of Experiment 626, then you’ll want to head to McDonald’s for some happy meals which will have collectible Stitch toys for the next month.

There are 8 Stitches in total: Surfer Stitch, Experiment 626 Stitch, Cool Stitch, Sippin’ Stitch, Ukelele Stitch, Hula Stitch, Sittin’ Stitch, and Mischief Stitch.

The best part is that they aren’t the normal hard plastic, but soft mini-plushies.

Stitch Happy Meal toys

The new Stitch line of Happy Meal toys should be available until March 7, 2022, but some locations could run out before that date due to demand.

In other words, don’t wait if you want one (or all).

Here is a video showing close-ups of the different Stitch variants:

Anyone else going to be eating some Happy Meals for a few weeks?