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CNN picks up the story of Jim Hill’s booting from Disneyland as a result of his rogue tours. More bad publicity for Disney. (Update: btw, just thought I’d point out that Jim Hill is technically not a blogger but is in fact online magazine. CNN calling Jim a blogger has erked some people.) Meanwhile Jim… Read More »Roundup

Stitch Tattoo

One of Disney’s more popular animated features also generated Disney’s a character with an cult like following. That would be Stitch, the blue alien dog creature, from Lilo & Stitch. Too the left is a pic of a tattoo where Stitch is breaking through the skin on the back of someone’s neck. Here’s one of… Read More »Stitch Tattoo

A Stitch in Time?

Joe Lane, over at Themepark Insider, reviews Disney World’s newest attraction and writes about the less than big splash it’s making. Stitch’s Great Escape is an updating of the original Mission to the Moon attractin in WDW’s Tommorowland. It became Mission to Mars, then Alien Encounter (Disney’s first PG-13 rated attraction), and has recently been… Read More »A Stitch in Time?

New Disneyland Aerial Photo

Zan has done a yoeman’s job of stitching together 150 panels of public domain USGS 1 foot resolution color Urban Image data to make a new overhead shot of the Disneyland Resort from sometime around December 2003. At one foot resolution you can pick out some amazing details (statues, christmas decor, attraction vehicles). 

Stitch’s Kingdom

Stitch, the alien creature from Disney’s animated feature Lilo & Stitch, is swiftly becoming the next big franchise character from Disney. He has a huge fan base. Check out this amazing lego spaceship. It has a great video game – Stitch: Experiment 626. Next up for the fluffy guy is his own attraction at Disney… Read More »Stitch’s Kingdom

SGE: Orlando Sentinel interviews Chris Sanders

I’m looking forward to my first chance to ride Stitch’s Great Escape. AP previews are coming up soon and it might soft open even sooner. (I hope!) The Orlando Sentinal has a great article with the voice of Stitch, also the director of the film, Chris Sanders.

Disney Trends Away from Stage Musicals on Film

I’m still a huge fan of the Neo-Golden Age musical films (The Little Mermaid up through, oh, Mulan — I don’t include Tarzan in the group, because it marked the end of the era, being the first in the series to completely lack character songs) (and while I like some of the later endeavors —… Read More »Disney Trends Away from Stage Musicals on Film