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A Stitch in Time?

Joe Lane, over at Themepark Insider, reviews Disney World’s newest attraction and writes about the less than big splash it’s making. Stitch’s Great Escape is an updating of the original Mission to the Moon attractin in WDW’s Tommorowland. It became Mission to Mars, then Alien Encounter (Disney’s first PG-13 rated attraction), and has recently been converted to showcase the cuddly alien creature called Stitch.

The attraction features one of Disney’s most advanced Audo-Animatronics. However, it is under utilized in the show and most of the special effects take place in the dark or near dark. In my opinion it’s a solid C-ticket attraction that could have been plussed to a D-ticket with some extra footage and tightening of the script. Read the review for warnings about age appropriateness.