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The five worst attractions at Walt Disney World


Out of the dozens of rides and shows that make up the attraction mix at Walt Disney World resort, there are bound to be some that are least favored among park guests. These attractions might be passed their prime, uninspired, or just plain bad. But they’ve made our list of shows and rides that must-go to make way for something better.

We asked The Disney Blog readers which rides they avoid when vising Walt Disney World and came up with our own list of the five attractions people just don’t like:

5) Captain EO. I guess Michael Jackson is an acquired taste. Either you believe the moonwalking, high pitched, milquetoast space captain can change the world or you don’t. The 17-minute 4D sci-fi show screams “The 80s” with its costumes, choreography, and stop-motion claymation. At the time this stuff was cool, but it had its run and was justifiably retired. However, when Michael Jackson tragically passed away, Captain EO was brought back as a tribute to the pop super-star and now occupies the theater in the Imagination Pavilion simple because Disney doesn’t have anything better to put there. It’s time for Disney to step up to the plate with a new vision for the Imagination Pavilion and we can say goodbye the MJ for the final time.

4) O Canada! with Martin Short. Frankly this could have been either of the EPCOT 360 films, but China gets the lifeline simply by the virtue that its update was slightly better done. When Martin Short was added I saw the film a couple times, but I haven’t felt the desire to go back and see it since. Technology has left these films behind. Disney tried to solve the problem by editing the films to be shorter, but really they needed to plus the experience somehow. A great country like our neighbor to the north deserves better.

3) Journey into Imagination with Figment. Even when all the attractions at EPCOT have long lines, you can count on Journey into Imagination to be a walk-on. Figment has gained a bit of a cult status as the only mascot created expressly for a Disney theme park. But cult status does not an attraction make. Long time fans pine for the original version of the ride, more recent guests are just left wondering what made Disney think this concept work. Just more evidence that Disney needs a new direction for EPCOT’s Imagination Pavilion.

2) Ellen’s Energy Adventure. Where to start here? From out-date and biased facts, to a version of a host that just doesn’t exist any more, to it’s seemingly interminable 35 minute length, the Universe of Energy’s one attraction needs to go. The attraction’s saving grace are the dinosaur audio-animatronics, but the only time I bother riding now is with guests who have never been to the park before, and then, only if they’ve done everything else in the park. The sad thing is there is so much exciting work going on in the field of energy these days, having an attraction tied to fossil fuels is completely backward for a company like Disney. It really is embarrassing.

1) Stitch’s Great Escape. Need I say more. This attraction’s story was shoe-horned into the space of Alien Encounter when Disney decided they wanted to quickly capitalize on the popularity of the small dog-like alien from Lilo & Stitch. Rather than do something based on the movie’s message of Ohana, they reverted Stitch to his alien prisoner status (who some how knows English even though he hasn’t yet been through the events of the movie). The attraction goes completely dark for an extended period of time causing much consternation among Stitch’s youngest fans, many of whom still sleep with a night light. I will go on any other attraction in the Magic Kingdom before I even consider Stitch. The whole concept has to go, the character deserves better and so do the guests.

So that’s my list of the five worst attractions at Walt Disney World. It’s clear that EPCOT really needs some help with its attraction mix. Did your least favorite ride make the list? What do you think I’m overlooking on the the must-go list.