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Building Community on The Disney Blog

When I started The Disney Blog back in 2004, there was no Instagram, no Twitter, No YouTube and Facebook as still just for college students. Blogs were getting into the mainstream and people typically used RSS Readers or blogrolls to find new blogs and read… Read More »Building Community on The Disney Blog

Club Mickey Mouse Theme Song

It’s not your father’s Mickey Mouse Club. The full music video for the Club Mickey Mouse theme song is here and it’s a hip hop update to the classic tune. The song is performed by all eight Mouseketeers (Regan Aliyah, Jenna Alvarez, Ky Baldwin, Gabe… Read More »Club Mickey Mouse Theme Song

A note to our Facebook fans

Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg has just let the world know that content from pages like The Disney Blog will no longer show on your newsfeed unless you or a friend of yours shares it. This will severely diminish the return publications like The Disney Blog… Read More »A note to our Facebook fans

Social Media may help you land dream Disney job

It’s a question that many Disney Imagineers and artists/animators throughout the global company frequently hear when they participate in a public program: How can I land a dream job like yours? The typical response includes going to school, honing your skills, building a portfolio and… Read More »Social Media may help you land dream Disney job

Disney to produce shows for Snapchat

The Social Media industry is changing with existing platforms like Facebook and Twitter skewing toward older users while newer platforms like Instagram and Snapchat becoming more popular with the under 34 age groups. This means media companies like Disney will have to focus on how… Read More »Disney to produce shows for Snapchat

Reasons to Like Us

We’re all aware of the incredible ability of social media to keep us connected with our friends and family, but increasingly it is also becoming the primary method for keeping in touch with news from the community and your personal interests. That’s why we spend… Read More »Reasons to Like Us