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Building Community on The Disney Blog

The Disney Blog Family

When I started The Disney Blog back in 2004, there was no Instagram, no Twitter, No YouTube and Facebook as still just for college students. Blogs were getting into the mainstream and people typically used RSS Readers or blogrolls to find new blogs and read and share new content.

For whatever reasons, I took to Twitter and YouTube before The Disney Blog found its way to Facebook.

I’ll admit that even though I was actively posting to it, I didn’t take Facebook all that seriously until a few years ago when its popularity soared. But in the last few years, I’ve worked hard to grow the audience organically (and with a very few targeted ad buys), despite algorithm changes that saw our reach drop significantly.

The result has been what I like to think of as an active community of Disney fans from around the globe. We just passed a milestone mark of 50,000 fans! If you’re one of them, thank you!

We also shared this video over on Facebook today:

As always, while we focus on the theme parks, we also cover news from all parts of The Walt Disney Company and even some of its competitors. Whether you’re a fan of animation, the theme parks, music, movies, or even the Disney Cruise Line, we hope you’ll find lots to read and enjoy here.

I’ve always believed that a rising tide lifts all boats. With hundreds of millions of Disney fans around the world, and over 150 million visitors to Disney theme parks around the globe just last year, there are plenty of online followers to go around. So if you’re interested in a few more Disney focused websites to follow, we suggest: – one of the oldest Disney fan websites out there (started in 1999 with myself as a staff writer). They have a great group of writers and staff.

Disney At Play – A long time Disney fan and former Disney Institute instructor with a unique perspective on integrating Disney into your work and play.

You can support The Disney Blog by following Vacations by Pixie Frost on Facebook. This is my wife’s growing Disney Travel Planning business. By using her complimentary booking and travel planning services for your trips to Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line and other cruise lines and destinations, you help support The Disney Blog and take a lot of the stress about travel planning off your own plate by giving it to an experienced travel planning professional.

Finally, where to find The Disney Blog going forward

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  1. Congrats! I don’t always agree with everything, and sometimes I let you know, but I always enjoy reading your thoughts and news here. You guys have been one of my go-to Disney blogs for years! Keep up the good work!

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