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“Geek Charming” Leads Slate of new Disney Channel Original Movies


11/11/11 was the premiere of the new DCOM (If you aren’t a big Disney Channel watcher, it stands for Disney Channel Original Movie) Geek Charming, based on the book of the same name by author Robin Palmer. Here is the set up, a geeky movie maker, Josh (played by Matt Prokop, star of High School Musical 3) enters a film festival will the idea of a movie about the life of the most spoiled, popular girl in school, Dylan (Played by Sarah Hyland, star of Modern Family). Throughout the movie, the two’s relationship becomes closer and closer as Dylan begins to show a side of her that no one else has seen before.

In my personal opinion, this might have been my favorite DCOM to date (that is not a musical). It really had everything going for it. Not only was Sarah hilarious in this movie, but the chemistry between the two was great. The message was good for kids and teens as well. You don’t have to be popular to have friends, and vice versa, you shouldn’t have “friends” just to become popular. Popularity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and this movie does a great job of explaining to kids just that.


  1. Saying an occasional few words in French is SOOOOO in right now!
  2. Dylan has an “Everything but the Kitchen Sink Sundae” (Reference to Beaches and Cream perhaps?) but she DOES NOT include a whole can of whipped cream…at least she doesn’t say so!
  3. Film geeks have a thing for Flight of the Navigator…think of it as their Rocky Horror Picture Show, without the throwing of toast and toilet paper…
  4. “Sequels are never as good as the first, everybody knows that.” Truer words have never been spoken Sarah!
  5. According to Dylan, parting your hair is back in style…who knew!

Well, that’s it for Geek Charming; I would give it a solid 4.5 mentions of the word diva out of 5. Great family movie…at least I think so. Be the judge yourself! Let me know in the comments below what you thought of the film and what your scoring of the film is…be creative!

Before I go, I just want to leave you with a quick Disney Channel Schedule for new specials and shows!

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Modern Family: Season 3, Episode 7 – Treehouse

Let me start this week by saying I was a little disappointed that Modern Family didn’t have a Halloween episode this year. They are typically one of my favorite episodes of each season, and I was hoping that these episodes would become a yearly tradition. (I always loved the Thanksgiving episodes of “Friends” for the same reason.) But anyway, this week’s episode proved to be very enjoyable, despite the lack of Claire’s obsession with the scariest holiday of the year.

Phil is attempting to build Luke a treehouse because he had a lot of fun with his friends in his treehouse growing up. Phil explains to Luke that he should enjoy childhood because when you’re older, your friends are scattered around the country instead if being in your neighborhood. Meanwhile, Haley is frustrated by one of her college essay questions, “what’s the greatest obstacle you’ve had to overcome?” She complains that Claire kept her too protected. Claire says “oh honey, you’re old enough now for the truth” and has Haley get in the car. (I immediately knew where this was going.) She drops Haley off with no phone or money and drives away as she shouts “there’s your obstacle!”

At Jay’s house, Shorty (remember him from Season 1?) is visiting for dinner with his gorgeous younger girlfriend (guest star Jennifer Tilly.) The two of them seem to have a very fun relationship, and Gloria is upset that Jay won’t join the three of them for salsa dancing the next night. Jay asks for Manny to teach him salsa dancing, but gives up very quickly. Mitch offers Jay a little pill, telling him that it will help him dance all night! At the club, Gloria is sitting all alone as Shorty and his girlfriend dance. As she’s feeling that she should go home to her husband, Jay surprises her and gets her on the dance floor. He’s taken the pill (which Mitch tells the camera was a baby aspirin.) Jay seems to have let go, though, and him and Gloria dance the night away.

At a bar, Mitch bets Cam that he can’t pick up a woman. Once Mitch picks a lucky lady, (guest star Leslie Mann) Cameron walks over and attempts to flirt with her. In just a few minutes, she gives Cam her number. The next day, she comes over and Cam reveals to her that he’s gay. She said she knew all along and just wanted a gay friend, which makes Cam upset that he’s going to lose his bet to Mitch. When Mitchell walks in the door, Katie screams at Cam and kisses him, saying “are you sure you’re gay?” Cam wins!

At the end of the episode, Phil is left building the treehouse all alone because Luke has lost interest. His neighbor (guest star Kevin Hart) shouts at him asking if he needs help. They realize they’ve been living next door for several years, but have never met. The episode ends with the two of them sitting on the Dunphy’s couch, joking it up about Phil having more “street cred” for being friends with a “badass black man.”

All in all, this episode was jam packed with great guest stars and one-liners. I was also very happy to see Phil make a new friend. When I think about it, he’s really the only adult in the show we haven’t seen hang out with his friends, his relationships just seem to be work related or within the family. As always, my favorite quotes are below the jump.

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Modern Family: Season 3, Episode 4 – Door to Door

This week’s episode of Modern Family sees members of all three families going door to door for different causes. The episode starts off with Clare almost getting into a car accident, and then almost hitting Phil as he is speed-walking. She becomes determined to get a stop sign at an intersection near her house, and enlists the help of everyone else in the family. Phil and Luke become distracted when they set out to make a YouTube video. (Luke threw a basketball at Phil’s head and it went into the basket, so they set out to repeat it on camera.) Let me just say, Ty Burrell’s face must have really hurt after filming this episode.

Over at Jay’s house, Manny needs to raise money for a school field trip by selling wrapping paper. He goes door to door…to three doors. Jay, a little disappointed in the effort, wants to teach Manny how to sell, so he takes him out to show him the ropes. The two of them do not find any success. In the end, Manny plays with Jay, outsmarting him in a way to pay for his field trip.

Meanwhile, Cam has made a big mess in the house making crepes. Mitchell doesn’t want to clean up Cam’s mess (again) so Cam promises that he will do it when Mitch is at work. When Mitchell arrives home, he is dismayed to see that Cam has skipped out on cleaning it and left the house. You see, he went out to help Gloria find Stella, who ran away because she left the gate open again. (Any drama fans will enjoy Cam’s references to “A Streetcar Named Desire.” I was cracking up.) When they find the dog in the hands of a little girl (who happens to be named Blanche,) a screaming match ensues. Gloria and Cam win, and take back the dog.

Clare collects 36 of the 50 signatures she needs for the traffic advisory board. When she shows up at their meeting, she is turned down. To her rescue comes her husband and children, who not only have the remaining signatures, but a self-made YouTube video to prove their point. In the end, Phil claims that he’s been living with Clare for 20 years, and if she wants a stop sign, she’ll get one.

At the end of the episode, Mitch has finally let his “neat freak” attitude go, and makes Cam clean up his own mess for once. Mitch takes it a little overboard and makes an even sprays whipped cream on Lily’s hair and Cam’s shirt…and at that moment a representative of the adoption agency rings their doorbell. (While I found this funny, I really hope they find a way out of it!)

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Modern Family: Season 3, Episode 3 – Phil on Wire

After last week’s double feature, Modern Family was back this week with “Phil on Wire.” All in all, I thought it was a pretty good episode. I enjoy anytime Haley and Alex scheme together; Cam & Mitch had some funny moments, and Gloria once again steals the episode with her comedy.

Cam decides to embark on a juice fast, and Mitchell is not too happy about it. He claims that Cam is even more emotionally unstable when you deprive him of food and “stage by stage it’s a slow decent into madness.” I found the progression pretty funny, so I’ve listed Cam’s “stages” below:

  1. “The Clean Sweep”
  2. “Attack Mitchell – Because when his diet crashes and burns into a giant pile of Nutella, I’m the one he’s going to blame.”
  3. “Soap Actress”
  4. “A Rush of Epiphanies” which included “I don’t need food!” and “Spaniards make amazing athletes.”
  5. “Despair”
  6. “Rage”

At this point, Mitchell admits that Cam has never made it this far in a diet so he doesn’t know what the next stage is….but he doesn’t think it will be “Charming Party Guest.” (Mitchell joins Cam in the juice fast to support him.) Turns out, Mitch and Cam were so emotionally drained and hungry that they both let loose an outburst of sadness while Mitchell’s boss was telling a sad story about an experience with a sea lion. After that, they had an “I love you just the way you are” hug in the ocean. (I found it odd that they didn’t kiss at this moment; the show has before been criticized before for not allowing Mitch & Cam to display as much affection as Phil & Clare.)

At the Dunphy’s house, Phil wants to pursue his dream of walking on a tightrope. Also at the Dunphy’s, Haley is upset because Alex has been advanced into the same math class as her. She turns the situation around, though, by agreeing to let Alex sit at the popular table in exchange for answers to tests and homework. They get caught, prompting a visit to the principal’s office. (And Clare yells at a parking officer…her speech had several good quips, check it out below the jump)

And in another Modern Family story about coddling, Gloria is upset that Jay and Stella (the dog) are becoming very close. The dog sleeps with him and even showers with him. (Very funny!) Gloria gets angry that the dog only chews on her things, so she tries to get Stella to chew on Jay’s shoe by…chewing on it herself. (I couldn’t contain my laughter at this point.)

Based on the past three episodes what do you think of the third season so far? Are even more awards in the show’s future?

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Modern Family: Season 3, Episodes 1&2

For the two brand new episodes of Modern Family that aired back-to-back last night, I thought I would do something a little different with my weekly recap. Instead of walking you through the story detailing each scene, I thought I would simply provide a few… Read More »Modern Family: Season 3, Episodes 1&2