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Modern Family: Season 3, Episode 5 – Hit and Run

This episode starts with Claire and Phil running into the Town Councilman from last week’s episode. He makes fun of Claire and her demands for a stop sign, which prompts her to declare a run against him in the upcoming election. Phil offers that he’ll take on more responsibilities at home while Claire is out of the house. he accidentally punches Luke and he gives Alex drowsy medication by mistake. He also doesn’t notice that Haley is trying to borrow $900 from her siblings. We find out later that she had collected money from her friends to buy them all fake IDs, and the guy ripped her off.

Mitch and Cam are in a theatre to see a violent movie, and a man brings his kids in. Cam takes things too far, insisting that they leave. Turns out, Mitch & Cam were in the wrong theatre. (They were there to see The Muppet movie…nice little Disney plug there!) On their way home, they get rear ended and the guy runs off. Cam wants to chase after him, but Mitch insists they stay put and call the police.

Meanwhile, Gloria is upset because Manny and Jay don’t want her help. Manny is unhappy at school because his teachers care more about “flash” than substance. Jay is trying to pitch a young executive who is giving him very confusing feedback that he wants more “wow.”

When the families all get together, the men of the family go to retrieve the money that Haley lost. Claire says she is going to drop out of the election because Phil can’t handle the kids, but she tells Gloria in private that she is afraid to lose. Gloria convinces her to go for it anyway. Claire tells Jay to listen to his wife’s advice. So Jay brings Gloria alongside him to pitch the exact same plans from before, prompting the young executive to simply say “wow.”

Oh, and Phil discovers that he is attracted to powerful women…he lists off Michelle Obama, Oprah, Condeleezza Rice, Serena Williams – he then has a realization that these women have more in common than just being powerful.

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