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Modern Family: Season 3, Episode 7 – Treehouse

Let me start this week by saying I was a little disappointed that Modern Family didn’t have a Halloween episode this year. They are typically one of my favorite episodes of each season, and I was hoping that these episodes would become a yearly tradition. (I always loved the Thanksgiving episodes of “Friends” for the same reason.) But anyway, this week’s episode proved to be very enjoyable, despite the lack of Claire’s obsession with the scariest holiday of the year.

Phil is attempting to build Luke a treehouse because he had a lot of fun with his friends in his treehouse growing up. Phil explains to Luke that he should enjoy childhood because when you’re older, your friends are scattered around the country instead if being in your neighborhood. Meanwhile, Haley is frustrated by one of her college essay questions, “what’s the greatest obstacle you’ve had to overcome?” She complains that Claire kept her too protected. Claire says “oh honey, you’re old enough now for the truth” and has Haley get in the car. (I immediately knew where this was going.) She drops Haley off with no phone or money and drives away as she shouts “there’s your obstacle!”

At Jay’s house, Shorty (remember him from Season 1?) is visiting for dinner with his gorgeous younger girlfriend (guest star Jennifer Tilly.) The two of them seem to have a very fun relationship, and Gloria is upset that Jay won’t join the three of them for salsa dancing the next night. Jay asks for Manny to teach him salsa dancing, but gives up very quickly. Mitch offers Jay a little pill, telling him that it will help him dance all night! At the club, Gloria is sitting all alone as Shorty and his girlfriend dance. As she’s feeling that she should go home to her husband, Jay surprises her and gets her on the dance floor. He’s taken the pill (which Mitch tells the camera was a baby aspirin.) Jay seems to have let go, though, and him and Gloria dance the night away.

At a bar, Mitch bets Cam that he can’t pick up a woman. Once Mitch picks a lucky lady, (guest star Leslie Mann) Cameron walks over and attempts to flirt with her. In just a few minutes, she gives Cam her number. The next day, she comes over and Cam reveals to her that he’s gay. She said she knew all along and just wanted a gay friend, which makes Cam upset that he’s going to lose his bet to Mitch. When Mitchell walks in the door, Katie screams at Cam and kisses him, saying “are you sure you’re gay?” Cam wins!

At the end of the episode, Phil is left building the treehouse all alone because Luke has lost interest. His neighbor (guest star Kevin Hart) shouts at him asking if he needs help. They realize they’ve been living next door for several years, but have never met. The episode ends with the two of them sitting on the Dunphy’s couch, joking it up about Phil having more “street cred” for being friends with a “badass black man.”

All in all, this episode was jam packed with great guest stars and one-liners. I was also very happy to see Phil make a new friend. When I think about it, he’s really the only adult in the show we haven’t seen hang out with his friends, his relationships just seem to be work related or within the family. As always, my favorite quotes are below the jump.

Haley: “Gaby’s mom’s a hoarder. That essay practically writes itself.”

Cam: “I won cutest baby at the 1974 Jasper County fair. People at the time said I could go Gerber.”

Manny: “Stop marching. You’re dancing, not invading Poland.”


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