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Modern Family: Season 3, Episode 8 – After the Fire

Maybe it’s because we had to wait two weeks for a new episode, or maybe it’s because Modern Family is an Emmy-sweeping hilarious comedy, but I couldn’t stop laughing during this week’s episode. (Or maybe it’s just because we saw Cam “sleep clowning.) A neighborhood house has burned down, so Claire brings together the entire family to organize donations from the whole community. The greatness in this episode was the fact that the whole family was together, so we saw lots of interaction, but there were still opportunities for character groupings to branch out and have their own stories.

Jay hurts his back carrying a box, but is reluctant to let Phil give him a massage (apparently Phil used to do this for a living before being a real estate agent.) Speaking of Phil’s career, two agents at his firm left to start their own company, so he is having trouble ignoring his phone. Since Jay is hurt, he can’t go pick up his company’s truck. Cam wants to drive the truck (given his history on the farm) but Jay is also reluctant to hand over the keys. Eventually, Jay gives Cam the keys, and Alex and Haley go with him.

Manny and Luke are handed a box that has a new toy Gloria got for the boy in the family whose house burned down. (It’s one of those helicopters that you control with your iPhone…which I also want, by the way.) Inside, Claire and Mitch are debating over the idea that Mitch is turning Gloria into “new mom,” which is upsetting Claire. Upstairs, Phil is giving Jay a massage, when Jay accidentally says he loves him. Phil leaves the room saying “oh my God, this is huge.”

Cam struggles to get the truck out of a tight parking spot after stopping for a bite to eat. He is desperate to prove to Haley and Alex that a gay man can do anything that a straight man can do, since he thinks they are judging him. Turns out, they just didn’t think Cam could do it because he’s…Cam. They ask another truck driver to help, who calls Haley “sweetie.”

Manny and Luke lose the helicopter, but some older boys have found it. The boys are clearly nerds, but they are acting like bullies to Manny & Luke. Cam passes by and Alex jumps out of the car. After letting her hair down, she easily gets the boys to hand it over. Turns out they are “big fans” of Alex, which impresses Haley.

The thing Phil was freaking out about turns out not to be that Jay said he loved him; he didn’t even hear it. Phil got a message on his phone that the two agents who left want Phil to come with them and be a partner at their new firm. Phil asks Jay for advice, who says to “gamble on yourself.” In the end, the entire family is together again discussing what they’d save if they could only save one item from a fire. Gloria would take her engagement ring, Phil would take his iPad, and Claire says she would be alright as long as she has her family…and they all boo.


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