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Modern Family: Season 3, Episode 13 – Little Bo Bleep

Two big events went on with the Dunphy/Pritchett families that this week’s episode centered around. Claire debated against Duane Bailey during for a position on town council, and Lily was the flower girl in a wedding that the entire family attended.

Leading up to the debate, a piece in a local newspaper said that voters found Claire “angry and unlikeable.” In order to tame this, the Dunphy family held a mock debate in their living room. The kids were each given a noise-making device to alert Claire whenever she did something “unlikeble.” Several beeps & honks later, and Claire felt defeated by her family for every little thing.

Over at Cam & Mitchell’s house, the guys are teaching Lily how to be a good flower girl when she utters a certain four letter word that starts with F, prompting Cam to laugh. They blow it off, but it happens again. At this point, Mitch scolds her, but Lily still knows that Cam finds it funny.

Gloria & Jay had the obvious “C Story” this week, centering around Stella, who keeps jumping in the pool. Jay thinks that the dog is trying to commit “Doggy Suicide” and wants to get her swimming lessons.

At the debate, Duane brings up a police record showing that Phil was quested at a hotel last year when he broke into a stranger’s room and striped naked…(remember Valentine’s Day?) Claire blows up, so Phil tries to save the day by standing up and taking the question himself. Of course, in true Phil fashion, he embarrasses himself and his entire family. And funny enough, someone at the debate filmed it, auto-tuned Phil, and put him on YouTube. (Very clever writing!)

At the wedding, Lily is silent, as Mitch has put her on “verbal lock down.” When the bride walks down the aisle, Cam starts crying. Lily thinks that he is sad, to to cheer him up she shouts “F*!K” in front of everyone, causing all of the wedding guests to burst into laughter.

Overall, this episode wasn’t one of those typical heartwarming family moments, but it had a lot of quality comedy. Gloria trying to talk Stella out of suicide steals the episode, for me. (And by the way, Stella wasn’t trying to commit doggy suicide, her favorite toy was trapped in the pool’s filter and she was trying to recover it.)

You can find my favorite quotes from this week’s episode below the jump.

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Modern Family: Season 3, Episode 10 – Express Christmas

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Modern Family – Season 3, Episode 9: Punkin Chunkin

So we might not have gotten a Halloween episode from the Pritchetts and Dunphy’s this year, but we were treated to a great Thanksgiving episode this week. Phil and Claire are reunited with Kenneth (guest star Josh Gad), their former neighbor who looks up to Phil. He dropped out of college to start a company with a friend of his, that turned out to be very profitable. His secret to success? He always asks himself “what would Phil Dunphy do?” Luke asks his dad, if Kenneth became a “kajillionaire” by asking WWPD, why aren’t the Dunphy’s rich? Why isn’t Phil doing what Phil would do?  This causes Phil to realize that Claire is holding back his dreams.

At the park, Cam and Mitch are chatting with a couple when Cam starts a story about “chunkin punkins.” He tells the dragged-out story with drama and flair, and it doesn’t result in the reaction he wanted. Mitch tells Cam he should “stick to stories that actually happened” which sets off an argument over whether Cam actually slingshotted a pumpkin across an entire football field that landed in the sunroof of a car.

Manny has created a centerpiece for Thanksgiving, which Gloria says she loves. Jay, on the other hand, wants to tell Manny that it isn’t his best work. The two of them argue over what is better for him, to be built up, or to be given realistic advice.

As you can see, all three families have a story about some members “crushing the dreams” of the others. When the families get together for Thanksgiving, they separate themselves into the “dreamers and the Pritchetts.” To settle the debate, everyone goes to a football field to see if Cam can actually “chunk the punkin.” After the first try is unsuccessful, the Pritchetts feel bad that it didn’t work. They don’t want to be viewed as the dream crushers. The second time works better, and the third one soars all the way across the field.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Modern Family: Season 3, Episode 8 – After the Fire

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