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Modern Family: Season 3, Episode 14 – Me? Jealous?

After a few weeks off, the Dunphy/Pritchett clan is back on your television screen. I have to say, I generally laugh hardest after taking a few weeks off from the show, but this episode was a disappointing one to come back to. Overall, I think the third season has been pretty strong, but this episode didn’t too much for me. Sure, we had some fun guest stars (Greg Kinnear, Phil Hendrie) but even they didn’t really live up to the high quality of previous Modern Family guests.

Phil and Claire are hosting a potential client of Phil’s, Tad. He’s a bit quirky, though, and kisses Claire on the lips one too many times for her liking. Long story short, Tad’s just affectionate and does that with everyone.

Cam and Mitch’s house is being fumigated, so they stay over at Jay and Gloria’s. Cam and Gloria send some stealthy jabs at each other back and forth (mocking small things about the other one, like their cooking or housework.) Long story short, they put their differences aside and cook a lovely meal together.

Mitch is also meeting a potential client, a former radio star of whom Jay is a fan. Jay crashes their lunch, and Mitchell shoos him away. In the end, the DJ actually liked Jay’s presence, so Mitch brings him home to play a prank on him.

As you can see, these story lines are all relatively simple, and can be summarized in just a few sentences. Sometimes, I can go on and on about Modern Family stories; the quips; and the touching, sentimental, family moments. This episode was lacking in all three.

What did you think of last night’s episode?