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Modern Family: Season 3, Episode 15 – Aunt Mommy

After last week’s episode left me a little disappointed, I am happy to say that last night’s Modern Family was everything I expect from the series.

The main story follows Cam & Mitch, who are discussing the fact that it’s been a year since they decided to have a baby boy. Their friends Steven & Stephan, just got a new baby boy from a surrogate mother.

Steven and Stephan are looking for a new house, so Phil shows them one (for the fifth time.) Since Claire is driving a friend to the airport, the kids are left alone – with plenty of looming disasters (Luke and a friend are trying to bring a squirrel back to life, Haley spilled a bunch of marbles on the kitchen floor while Alex was carrying a heavy load of plates, and so on.) Phil sells the house (but in reality it’s all thanks to Claire.)

Steven and Stephan go to Mitch & Cam’s house to celebrate, and the men all start discussing “the swirl” – S & S claim to not know who the father of their baby is, but when he enters the room, it’s pretty obvious.

At Jay’s house, Gloria is upset that Jay lied to their friend so that Manny could accept an offer to play football with friends. Jay thinks that Manny spends too much time with his mom, where he should be outside playing with other boys. While playing, he discovers his hundredth (and final) lucky penny that him and his mom have been collecting for eight years….and he gets trampled by the other kids. While counting their pennies, Gloria is clearly upset that this signals the end of something her and Manny have been doing for years. Jay comes around, and hides four of the pennies, so that Gloria and Manny can keep looking.

Cam & Mitch are taken to dinner by Phil & Claire. All four have a little too much to drink, which is one of my favorite scenes from the entire season. At the peak of their night, Claire has the idea that if she donates the egg, she and Cam can be the genetic parents of the baby (meaning it would be half Pritchett and half Tucker.)

In the haze of the next morning, both Claire and Mitchell have second thoughts. When the entire family gets together, the baby becomes everyone’s business, with each member of the family arguing over what should happen. (Including several jokes about inbreeding.)

In the end, the decision is made to not go through with Claire’s plan. Mitch and Cam go to Lily’s room, and see her organizing her play-dough in color order, while wearing an incredibly bright outfit. Cam & Mitch realize that although they may not be her genetic parents, Lily has qualities of both of them.

Overall, this episode was really good. The four adults at dinner was hilarious, and I also like that they are trying different ways of moving Cam & Mitch’s baby boy story ahead. But I do hope that they find a solution soon. I’m guessing maybe at the end of season 3 we will have exciting news!