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Around the Hub – Fright Night Lights

It’s Friday Night. If you’re not out watching High School Football, then perhaps you’re planning your next trip to Walt Disney World. Me? I’m posting the latest Disney news and links roundup. Trevor Hogg is writing a three-part profile on Pixar Studios being posted by… Read More »Around the Hub – Fright Night Lights

Around The Hub – Thursday thoughts

Game Informer has a 9 minute audio interview with Warren Spector, creator of the Epic Mickey game. Lots of great stuff is revealed in what is essentially the first official communication from Disney about the game. ABC had to scrap some of its promotional plans… Read More »Around The Hub – Thursday thoughts

Around The Hub – Wednesday Walkabout

It’s time to go Around The Hub with the latest Disney News and Links: Via The Disney Parks blog we learn that the US Mint has partnered with Disney to introduce some new one dollar coins into circulation. The program ends December 13th and coins… Read More »Around The Hub – Wednesday Walkabout

Around The Hub – Monday Kickoff

What a crazy weekend at Disneyland. Guests were being parked at all corners of the resort district leading some to just give up and head home. The crowds aren’t going to get any lighter as the resort’s popular Halloween promotion enters it’s busiest weeks. On… Read More »Around The Hub – Monday Kickoff

Around the Hub – Life, Shamu, and Everything

The official Disney Parks blog reveals how last week’s Tilt Shift video of a day at the Magic Kingdom was done. Not to be outdone, but Busch Entertainment’s Worlds of Discovery brand that unites all its theme and water parks has started their own blog.… Read More »Around the Hub – Life, Shamu, and Everything

Around The Hub – Sunday Night News and Links

Wow, it’s been a crazy last couple of days. So let’s get right to it. Disney’s acquisition of Marvel is still not official, but already it’s having an impact. Of course, it’s not always the type of impact that Disney might hope for. For instance,… Read More »Around The Hub – Sunday Night News and Links

Disney Cruise Line adds Alaska with expansion

The Disney Cruise Line has a problem. They have a lot of loyal repeat customers, but their offerings are thin when it comes to different ports of call. This will be solved in 2011 when the Disney Dream arrives in Florida to bring the fleet up to three ships. That will free Disney to move one ship, the Disney Wonder, to the west coast, and the other, the Disney Magic, to Europe.


The Wonder’s visit to Alaska is a first for Disney and the ship will require a few upgrades to handle the different weather. But it will also offer some expansive views and new excursions to explore. I predict this will be quite popular.


The Mediterranean itineraries the Disney Cruise line did during their previous trip to Europe were also a big hit. It should be even better now that they have some experience under their belt.

More info on what each new destination will involve below the jump:

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