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Around The Hub – Sunday Night News and Links

Wow, it’s been a crazy last couple of days. So let’s get right to it.

  • Disney’s acquisition of Marvel is still not official, but already it’s having an impact. Of course, it’s not always the type of impact that Disney might hope for. For instance, Super Hero Squad is a new television cartoon with pint sized Marvel Heroes. It had a wild debut with great ratings. The only problem, it’s on Cartoon Network, not Disney XD. Now Jack Kirby’s relatives want to reclaim the copyright on the Marvel characters he created. Of course, those are the core characters of the Marvel Universe. So that’s another fun lawsuit for Disney, who is still healing from the Winnie-The-Pooh fight.
  • Congrats to Kristin Chenoweth for her Emmy win for Pushing Daisies, I definitely miss that show. Her acceptance speech was cute too. I hope she finds a job on Mad Men. She’d be perfect. Or Disney could bring back Pushing Daisies… that would work too.
  • Also, congrats to Michael Emerson for winning for his chilling portrayal of Ben on LOST.
  • Congratulations to the script writers of Pixar’s WALL-E. They won an Humanitas Award which are presented to television and film writers who celebrate humanity and liberty.
  • If you work at Pixar you get cool stuff. This is a t-shirt for the Toy Story III crew. Via @LeeUnkrich‘s twitter stream.
  • Jason Garcia at the Orlando Sentinel looks at how Disney is scaling back the ‘Adventures by Disney’ offerings during these slow economic times. Anyone out there even think of these when planning their next vacation?
  • Disneyland has a wonderful website promoting their Halloween time fun.
  • You may have missed this during D23, but there was a rather large protest over health care right outside the Anaheim Convention center. Unite Here is not happy at the Disneyland Resort for how they want to handle health care going forward. I don’t see this matter ending well for the workers in the current economic climate. But it is another market for how sad the health care situation has become in America. Let’s hope something gets done, and soon.

2 thoughts on “Around The Hub – Sunday Night News and Links”

  1. I had to comment on the healthcare thing, actually Health Care in America is in better shape than most places, we are just used to better than what we have now (and we should be able to get back to that with the correct strategies), but Disney should be obligated to provide any sort of healthcare, they choose to do so to attract the type of workforce that they want, as does any employer, the better the benefits and pay, the better the employees; however, they also have a responsibility to their shareholders, so if they have to make cutbacks in order to fulfill their responsibility, then they need to be able to do so.

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