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ABC Fall Shows begin tonight

Hey, It’s premiere week for primetime shows on ABC. Here’s how to set your DVR.

Monday – 21st
8 – 10 – Dancing With The Stars – Season Premiere
10 – 11 – Castle – Season Premiere

Tuesday – 22nd
8 – 10 – Dancing With The Stars
10 – 11 – the forgotten – Series Premiere

Wednesday – 23rd
8 – 9 – Dancing With The Stars
9 – 9:30 – Modern Family – Series Premiere
9:30 – 10 – Cougar Town – Series Premiere
10 – 11 – Eastwick – Series Premiere

Thursday – 24th
8 – 9 – FlashForward – Series Premiere
9 – 11 – Grey’s Anatomy – Season Premiere

Friday – 25th
8 – 9 – FlashForward – Repeat of Series Premiere
9 – 9:30 – Modern Family – Repeat of Series Premiere
9:30 – 10 – Cougar Town – Repeat of Series Premiere
10 – 11 – 20/20 – New

Looking for LOST or ‘V’? They’re not scheduled to appear until later in the season. I heard ‘V’ is getting a bit of a rework, so perhaps a bit later than originally thought.

As for reviewers, I’m still looking for someone to recap/review Castle, Eastwick, and the forgotten. Any Takers? Drop me a line.

Which show are you most looking forward to? Which do you predict will be the first to be canceled?

6 thoughts on “ABC Fall Shows begin tonight”

  1. First to be canned: Cougar town. Three episodes, if they’re lucky. Disappointed that ABC dropped the Goode Family and Pushing Daisies for this junk. Must be going for the “it’s new to you” factor for Friday night.

  2. Love your posts about Disney but your dancing with the stars updates and ABC television updates are really boring. (I know ABC is part of Disney but still). Stick to Disney Themeparks and Studios. TV is the same everywhere and ABC has nothing unique to offer in this area. Love the rest of your stuff, keep up the good work!

  3. I agree, let’s hope Cougar Town gets the boot. The only one of those show I watch (besides Lost) is Castle and we are still trying to catch up from last season eps. on the DVR.

  4. Hi Dave,

    Like it or not ABC is part of Disney and I’ll keep covering it here on The Disney Blog with guest authors who enjoy the show. DWTS coverage was actually one of the better tracking topics on TDB last year. That doesn’t mean I won’t continue to cover the rest of the Mouse House with the fervor I usually employ. I hope you’ll skip the posts you don’t like and continue to read those you do. Thanks for reading The Disney Blog!

  5. Disney is an entertainment company, and ABC (and the studios) are a huge part of their organization. There’s a reason Hollywood Studios theme park has a giant counter service restaurant called the ABC Commissary. The various company divisions borrow talent from each other, and are inter-connected in countless ways (some good, some not). While I loathe Dancing With The Stars (and every other reality TV series), the coverage in general is great.

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