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Disney Bus Bomb Scare – The Wrap Up

Ah-ha! We know what it is. The Orlando Sentinel was first to break the news that the mysterious device that shut down the entire Disney World Transportation Bus System was a harmless tire pressure monitor with remote monitoring capabilities. This device was installed by Disney as part of a test program back in the 90s on just one bus.

So, as I suggested earlier, this was something Disney itself installed and the current team had no knowledge of. Occam’s Razor suggested that as the most likely answer and it was. Mystery solved.

4 thoughts on “Disney Bus Bomb Scare – The Wrap Up”

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  2. i dont know which emotion i should feel more of. Should I be more happy that they took the precautions and pulled all of the busses or more sad that no one remember the old project. don’t blame the maintenance guy as much as management who should have been in the know.

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