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Around the Hub – Fright Night Lights

It’s Friday Night. If you’re not out watching High School Football, then perhaps you’re planning your next trip to Walt Disney World. Me? I’m posting the latest Disney news and links roundup.

  • Trevor Hogg is writing a three-part profile on Pixar Studios being posted by the UK film website Flickering Myth. Part Two will be posted on Nov. 11 and Part Three on Nov. 18.
  • A.O. Scott of the New York Times actually gives “A Christmas Carol” a positive review. Other than a few uncanny valley problems and a weak third act, he thinks Zemeckis did justice to the subject matter. Might be a bit scary for the young ones, however.
  • A giant Mickey Mouse balloon will appear in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this year. This raises an interesting quandry as traditionally, the floats and balloons appear at Universal Studios Orlando after the New York event.
  • If you like “V” on ABC tune in to a special ‘Social Commentary‘ this Saturday. Show experts and fans can leave their commentary as the show streams online.
  • Bloomberg News reports on some of the Chinese villagers who will be relocated to make way for Shanghai Disneyland.
  • It’s interesting to see how fears of contracting swine flu while on vacation at a Disney themepark are playing across the pond.
  • Meanwhile, it’s not the flu, but the sick economy that is delaying the construction of Disney World’s West Gate development – Flamingo Crossing.
  • Don’t forget to go register for “Townsquare” the official forums of The Disney Blog. Over 100 have already signed up.
  • Finally, check out this list of the 5 coolest new theme parks. Anything you think they’re missing?

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