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Sunday Roundup – Disney News and Links

Last night a fireworks convention held a pretty amazing demonstration of new technology and pyrotechnic shells out in front of the Contemporary Hotel. Via the local network of Disney cast members and fans, I was able to get to the beach at the Polynesian and… Read More »Sunday Roundup – Disney News and Links

Sunday Evening Sundries – Disney Links

It looks like Florida and the Orlando Attractions area has avoided yet another major storm. That has given me some time to find these great links for you to read: ABCFamily.com is adding a full-time video blogger to its site. Bridgitte Dale started at PopCrunch… Read More »Sunday Evening Sundries – Disney Links

Sunday Reading – Disney Links

Brady MacDonald at the LA Times has a look at the return of the Flying Saucers to Disneyland… only this time they’re Tires not UFOs and they’re at California Adventure as part of the newly themed ‘Carsland’. Meet “Luigi’s Roamin’ Tires“. Laughingplace.com has the details… Read More »Sunday Reading – Disney Links

Sunday Night – Disney Link Roundup

With Hurricane Fay playing “Who Wants To Be A Vacation Wrecker” in the gulf, Jeff revisits his 2005 encounter with Hurricane Wilma while he was a guest at Fort Wilderness Villas. If you’ve been looking for something new for your next avatar then head on… Read More »Sunday Night – Disney Link Roundup

Thursday Thinking – Disney News and Links

G’morning. DisneyGossip.com reveals a FastPass secret and then renders it useless in the same post. Trust me folks, saving 30 minutes of wait time is not worth getting kicked out of the theme park. There are other ways to efficiently use FastPass. David as MouseExtra… Read More »Thursday Thinking – Disney News and Links

Sunday Disney News Links

LAist has a great article that looks at the history of ticket prices at Disneyland. The increase in the last four years has been more than $20. Michael Barrier has some additional information about the Petrified Tree Stump that Walt Disney gave to Lilian for… Read More »Sunday Disney News Links

The Disney Fan Podcast Review

Editor’s Note: I’d like to welcome Jenn (aka Sleeping Beauty’s Sister (@SBSister)) to The Disney Blog. She’s kicking off a new column that will cover the ever growing world of Disney Fan Podcasts. We look forward to your feedback.

This Week on the BIG 3!!

Lou makes his BIG announcement on WDWRadio. Ricky shows his dark side on Inside the Magic. And Paul gets quick, wet and bare- err bear on A Window to the Magic. All this and more on This Week on the Big 3!

This week we re-join our intrepid adventurer, Lou Mongello, for another trip around the WDWRadio dial. George Taylor from ImagiNERDing.com joins Lou to discuss 3 more books for the Disney geek library. The underlying theme of the books is Disney Theme Park architecture. Designing Disney’s Theme Parks: The Architecture of Reassurance is a compilation of various articles put together by Carol Ann Marlin. Designing Disney was written by the venerable John Hench. Building a Dream: The Art of Disney Architecture was written by Beth Dunlop. For a complete run down check out Lou and George’s discussion this week on the show.

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