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The Disney Fan Podcast Review

Editor’s Note: I’d like to welcome Jenn (aka Sleeping Beauty’s Sister (@SBSister)) to The Disney Blog. She’s kicking off a new column that will cover the ever growing world of Disney Fan Podcasts. We look forward to your feedback.

This Week on the BIG 3!!

Lou makes his BIG announcement on WDWRadio. Ricky shows his dark side on Inside the Magic. And Paul gets quick, wet and bare- err bear on A Window to the Magic. All this and more on This Week on the Big 3!

This week we re-join our intrepid adventurer, Lou Mongello, for another trip around the WDWRadio dial. George Taylor from joins Lou to discuss 3 more books for the Disney geek library. The underlying theme of the books is Disney Theme Park architecture. Designing Disney’s Theme Parks: The Architecture of Reassurance is a compilation of various articles put together by Carol Ann Marlin. Designing Disney was written by the venerable John Hench. Building a Dream: The Art of Disney Architecture was written by Beth Dunlop. For a complete run down check out Lou and George’s discussion this week on the show.

In keeping with the Adventure theme, Lou is joined by the Disney fan communities answer to Indiana Jones, Steve Barrett from Steve and Lou discuss some fun Hidden Mickeys in Adventureland, including two very intriguing ones on Pirates. To hear all the details be sure to check out this week’s episode. Here’s a fun one Steve mentioned from Toy Story Mania (yeah, I know, not in Adventureland but you’ve gotta listen to the show for those), in the queue on the wall down by the floor look for our pal Mickey in purple paint.

And finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, Lou’s BIG announcement. In honor of the release of Lou’s newest Audio Guide to WDW, Lou is launching the Adventureland Challenge on July 21st. For all the dirty details be sure to check out this week’s episode but here’s a sneak peek. There will be three rounds of play, each more challenging than the one before. Only 25 will advance too Round 2 with three from those 25 going on to Round 3. The Ultimate Adventurer will win a Grand Prize that you have to hear to believe! I can definitely say that I was amazed at all the goodies involved.

Be sure to check out WDWRadio # 74 for more on these great topics.

Next we turn to Inside the Magic. It’s apparent to me that Ricky may have had a bad holiday weekend. If there could be a Grinch of the 4th of July, Ricky may have taken the title with this week’s show.

We jump right into the News from Around the World. Florida has decided that it’s OK for you to keep your pistol locked in your car while you’re at work. Hmm, a gun in a vehicle out at the employee parking lot. A long hot walk to the employee lot, Is that going to stop a disgruntled Pooh from getting his gun and sending people on many adventures to the ER? I don’t think so. Personally, I’m glad Walt Disney World found a loophole to get around it. Monorail Red has started its regular service. Monorail Blue is in testing. I say, what about Monorail Fuchsia? Let’s give the girls something fun.

Now, what about the dark side you may be asking? Well, here goes. Ricky delights us with his review of the new Disney-Pixar movie Wall-E. To say that he didn’t like it is a HUGE understatement. I get the impression he may have left his heart at home. How could anyone not love Wall-E in some way? He wanted to love it but according to Ricky; “It was a fantasy-romance movie disguised as a sci-fi movie. Where’s the movie the trailers were advertising?” Uh, on the screen in front of you. He found the characters, animation, plot and love story were totally lost on him. On a positive note, the end credits and the musical score were the best. He made no mention of the short before the movie. I guess little Presto escaped the boiling pot. To hear more of Ricky’s review check out this week’s show.

The biggest controversy on ITM this week would have to be Ricky’s discussion about the closing of Pleasure Island with Paul Barrie from Window to the Magic. In a nutshell, Ricky says “Good Riddance” and Paul screams “NO!!” Paul made a valiant attempt to persuade Ricky that the Adventurer’s Club should be saved. Ricky did agree to go see it before it closed, but didn’t sound too serious about it. I personally have not been to the Adventurer’s Club myself but it’s quite obvious how much fun this place is. Paul’s ideas for saving it are good ones. Of course, I won’t give them away. You know where to find them.

This week’s ITM ends with a short interview with the guys from Backstage Pass and an even shorter Cruisin’ the World, some listener feedback and a quick discussion about the video of the week. I usually find Inside the Magic enjoyable, Backstage Pass and Cruisin’ the World are my favorite segments. This week it seems someone may have dosed Ricky’s holiday beverage with an ugly pill.

And last but most definitely not least, WTTM 1-5-5. (I love when Paul says that.)

In true Window to the Magic fashion we start our audio adventure at Magic Kingdom on the Hillbilly Hill Climb Meet at MouseFest ’07. We join Paul, Tairy and the LTAD crew on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain. There’s no need to wonder if Jana is having a good time. Do you get the impression Paul is not to terribly thrilled to be on Splash Mountain? Needless to say a lot of hilarity ensues. Does Paul escape the deluge? Tune into the show to find out.

After a brief intermission we re-join Paul at The Great Grizzly Hunt, the meet Window to the Magic hosted at MouseFest ’07. We get to enjoy a sweet moment between Paul and his best girl Tairy, aww. Then it’s on to the show. Did the cast member say what I think she said? Does Paul realize he’s repeating the show verbatim? Who won the trivia challenge? (Ok, that question isn’t answered but I needed a third.) His enthusiasm for his favorite attraction enhances the audio piece and proves yet again how much Paul loves those darn Bears. Listening to the audio from The Country Bears reminds me of the last time I saw it. What a sad state of disrepair that attraction is in. I truly hope Disney rehabs it soon.

And then, just as the audio ends and you expect the soothing sounds of Nature’s Wonderland, your ears are assaulted by the overacting of Jonathan Dichter as he plugs the latest All About the Mouse. Yikes!! I don’t enjoy Surrounding Myself with His Theatrics. All in all Paul’s show is exactly what you expect from him; lots of great park audio, put together by someone who loves his craft. It’s the main reason Window to the Magic is one of my favorite shows.

And so this first edition of This Week on the BIG 3 comes to an end. Have questions or comments feel free to contact me. Tune to The Disney Blog to see what the BIG 3 have in store for us next week. Until then, See Ya Real Soon!


1 thought on “The Disney Fan Podcast Review”

  1. Jenn,

    I, and the rest of the ITM team, are thrilled to be included in the “BIG 3”. Thanks! And no, I didn’t have a bad weekend. ;)

    I firmly stand by my “good riddance” to Pleasure Island but will give the Adventurer’s Club a shot before it ceases to exist. Perhaps my opinion will change then.

    As for Wall-E, the discussion about my review (and the film) has been fast and furious over on the Inside the Magic forum, reaching the conclusions that:

    1. I need to see Wall-E again, expecting a romance film instead of sci-fi
    2. I failed to emphasize the fact that I thought the beginning of Wall-E was brilliant, which I plan on doing during the next episode of Inside the Magic!

    With that said, I still wish Wall-E had turned out differently than it did.

    I look forward to future installments of the “BIG 3”!

    Host of Inside the Magic

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