Disney News Link Roundup

Here’s a quick Disney news roundup, this time it’s the “I should be sleeping edition”:

  • Disneyland Resort has a hero on its staff. A scenic painter rescued a truck driver from a crash and then reported to work covered in fuel and cuts and bruises of his own? Read what Disney’s response was.
  • Wil Wheaton has an interesting reaction to the coming closure of Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas. ST:TE has been remarked upon by some of Disney’s top Imagineers as the best non-Disney attraction out there.
  • MSNBC has a great story on WALL-E and EVE’s cousins of today and the near future.
  • After suspending Security Guard Edwin Sotomayor, Disney has now officially fired him for bringing a firearm in his car. Well more accurately for interferring with an investigation, but I’m sure Edwin doesn’t feel there is a difference.