Pixar’s short film Presto now on iTunes

If you’ve seen WALL-E then hopefully you’ve also seen the delightfully wacky short that proceeded it–Presto! Well, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s now available to buy on iTunes along with a host of other Pixar and Disney animated shorts.

2 thoughts on “Pixar’s short film Presto now on iTunes”

  1. This has got to be the funniest short film by Pixar/Disney thus far. My husband laughed his head off during the whole thing, and isn’t one to really like animation/cartoons. It was hysterical. If you need a good laugh, then this is it. Very child/adult friendly. The entire movie theatre was laughing out loud as we watched. It takes a lot to get me to laugh out loud at anything even if I do think it’s funny on the inside, and I caught myself literally laughing aloud many times during this short film. It was very cute.

  2. This has to be the funniest animated short movie made in many years (decades perhaps)
    Although is made using 3D animation techniques, it’s core soul comes from traditional 2D animation. It feels as if the art has finally come full circle.

    Good story, timing and slapstick comedy is all reminiscent of those great short cartoons made by Tex Aery, Chuck Jones and Walt Disney too.
    I cried of laughter and emotion to finally see a real cartoon!!!
    And that hat! Awesome!

    An eye opener for all 3D animators and digi-mators: “Study and Learn 2D Classical animation”

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