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Sunday Night – Disney Link Roundup

With Hurricane Fay playing “Who Wants To Be A Vacation Wrecker” in the gulf, Jeff revisits his 2005 encounter with Hurricane Wilma while he was a guest at Fort Wilderness Villas.

If you’ve been looking for something new for your next avatar then head on over to Dr. Finklestein’s Lab for some Nightmare Before Christmas themed goodness.

Nick sends in his trip report from Walt Disney World. He also includes some juicy rumors on which parks might be seeing expansion soon.

The St. Pete Times reports on how the Tampa Bay and Orlando tourist markets are tied together. As flying becomes cost prohibitive, all of Florida will begin to depend on its neighbors for tourism dollars.

Is it Mickey Mouse? Is it the poison apple? Is it High School Musical’s mascot? Everyone has asked and answered the 20 questions game as a kid, and now you and your readers can play along with Disney to help perfect the 20Q handheld game being released later this fall. Fans can log on and help to improve Disney’s 20Q artificial intelligence technology, by trying to stump the 20Q program. All you have to do is think of a Disney character, place or thing and 20Q will try to figure out what you’re thinking in 20 questions or less! The more it’s played, the smarter it gets. So log onto to help Disney make this game the best it can be before the handheld game is released in the fall.