Thursday Thinking – Disney News and Links


  • reveals a FastPass secret and then renders it useless in the same post. Trust me folks, saving 30 minutes of wait time is not worth getting kicked out of the theme park. There are other ways to efficiently use FastPass.
  • David as MouseExtra is irked at Disney for their cancellation of Fantasmic! at Hollywood Studios five nights a week.
  • The OC Register reports the words I’ve been waiting to hear from Disneyland for many years, “McDonalds, sorry but you need to leave.” The last thing I want to see while on my fantasy vacation is the real world food. Sponsoring an attraction is different, but selling me your food I can get across the street for half the price is too much. I really hope they bring back the old menu to Harbour Galley. That was my favorite walk-up counter in the park.
  • MouseKingdom blog has a few thoughts on the first new super hero created by comic book legend Stan Lee for Disney.
  • The folks at Imagineering Rebirth blog chime in with some thoughtful words on Walt Disney Imagineering’s decision to outsource audio-animatronic development and production.
  • Finally, Disney animator and artist Philo Barnhart has been a friend to Disney fans and collectors everywhere often appearing at events or signing autographs. He recently lost his apartment and is selling some items on eBay (see here and here) to help him get back on his feet. Please go read more of his story in the auction description, see if you can help him through this difficult time and get a great Disney collectible at the same time.