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Have you heard this? – Disney Fan Podcast Review – Beyond Main Street

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Are you tired, listless? Do you scan your iPod looking for something new? Does your playlist need a shot in the arm? Well,

Have You Heard This?

This week we switch gears and take a look at a different genre of the podosphere, vidcasts or vlog. For those of you in the know bear with me a few lines, a vidcast is unique in the world of podcasting. It’s a podcast in video form.  Most vidcasters only produce in the video format but there a small few who do both audio and video. Okay, enough of the back story, now on to the main event.

If you’ve ever wondered why your buddies yell, ‘Ding’ every time you say ‘Very Cool’, then chances are you’re not subscribed to Beyond Main Street (iTunes) with Lou and Bob. Let me be honest here for a minute and say the first time I watched this vidcast I thought, ‘Holy moley these guys should be doing anything but a video podcast.’ (I was too new on the podcast scene to know they were called vidcasts.) From the moment tape rolled I could tell this was something the world had never seen before. Now, almost two years later, this show is a staple on my playlist.

From Lou’s outrageous Disney hats and slick dance moves to Bob’s love for the park that must not be named and his alter ego Castmember Bob, there is never a dull moment. You will laugh and you will cry. But, you’ll have no doubt that these two guys love Disney, no matter how much Bob would like to deny it.

There’s always a Featured video from one of Lou’s many trips to Walt Disney World throughout the year. You can also expect an original production from the guys every now and then. The “very cool” count up is always interesting and nothing beats watching Lou all but wet his pants at the buzz of a bee. Over the life of the show the production quality has gotten better and better. Watching the guys grow in their genre has been fun. If you’ve been thinking about trying out one of those vidcast things then this is the show to get you started.

Lou of Beyond Main Street has also started up his own audio show called the In Your Ears Experience (iTunes). You can find it on the BMS feed. It’s short and sweet which I really like and always features some in-park audio. Occasionally, we get a song or two from the world-renowned artist Sexy Rexy. His best track so far? “Dole Whip”. While you’re downloading a few episodes of Beyond Main Street (website, iTunes), check out the In Your Ears Experience as well.

That’s it for this week’s edition of Have You Heard This? Do you have a show you would like me to review? Post your suggestions in the comments section.