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Sunday Disney News Links

  • LAist has a great article that looks at the history of ticket prices at Disneyland. The increase in the last four years has been more than $20.
  • Michael Barrier has some additional information about the Petrified Tree Stump that Walt Disney gave to Lilian for their Anniversary and how and when it came to end up in Disneyland.
  • Wall Street Analysts are getting smart to Disney’s Vacation Club and how its affecting the Walt Disney World resort. One of the questions to Bob Iger in the recent quarterly results call was about the under construction Bay Lake Tower, the DVC resort opening adjacent to the Contemporary Resort, that still hasn’t been officially announced yet.
  • WDW Celebrations, a fan organized group that celebrates different Disney World anniversaries, has a big event planned for the end of September. Some reservation cut-off dates are coming soon and a new Dive, Dine, and Discover event has just been added.
  • Steve Hulett from the Animation Guild blog checks in from Walt Disney Animation Studios and how the Hat building has been transformed for the final legs of the Princess and The Frog animation. The new configuration is meant to increase communication between the directing animators and their artists and correct some of the flaws that were designed when the building was conceived during Eisner’s era.
  • Boxing promoter Don King lost his libel lawsuit against Disney and ESPN. He plans to appeal saying the fight has just begun.
  • I’m still excited about that TR2N, aka Tron 2.0, teaser trailer that played at SDCC. I’m even more excited now that it’s been confirmed that members of the original team are still on the project.