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Muppets on TV tonight!

Don’t forget “Studio DC: Almost Live” airs tonight, August 3rd 8/7 c, on the Disney Channel. This marks a renewed attempt to bring the much missed Muppets back to a regular spot on television. Big numbers tonight will no doubt help, so do you part and watch!

Check below the cut for some promos and clips:

4 thoughts on “Muppets on TV tonight!”

  1. Is it really necessary for disney to include their “disney channel stars” in 90% of their content? We all know the muppets are more than capable of standing on their own two feet (paws? flippers?), so why does this new show make them look like nothing but the “hangers-on” and “third wheels” of the disney channel?

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  3. That was terrible. I’m sick of Miley Cyrus, never liked Suite Life, and HSM is completely overexposed. Can’t the Muppets have their OWN show, not be simply guests of all the people who already have shows? This is synergy gone bad, very bad.

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