Sunday Roundup – Disney News and Links

Last night a fireworks convention held a pretty amazing demonstration of new technology and pyrotechnic shells out in front of the Contemporary Hotel. Via the local network of Disney cast members and fans, I was able to get to the beach at the Polynesian and see the 20 minute show. What an amazing experience that even included some new “Mickey Mouse” shaped explosions. I hope a few of these find their way into Disney shows real soon.

Meanwhile, here are some more Disney News links:

  • If you’re in Marceline Missouri, Walt Disney’s self proclaimed “Hometown”, you’ll want to be sure to view artist Dale Varner’s miniature model of Disneyland. What Varner wants to do now is visit the Paris and Tokyo Magic Kingdoms… I hope someone can arrange that for him.
  • The Orange County Register reports that the Anaheim area has generally avoided the worst of the economic downturn. With so many of Disneyland’s visitors coming from within the state of California, this works out in Disney’s favor whem it comes to families wanting to vacation close to home.
  • Dewayne Bevil reminds us that next Saturday is the last call for most of the Pleasure Island locations. He also lists the five things he’ll miss most about PI.
  • Man convicted of molesting child on Disney property gets 30 years in trial. If you remember this was the man caught by an 11-year old boy in April 2007.
  • In the world of movie’s Variety writes about how Disney might be looking to franchise the next big movie taken from Disneyland’s repetoire. This time it would be a movie using the ‘Tomorrowland’ theme as a launching point. Guess who is lined up to star? Dwayne “formerly The Rock” Johnson. Sounds like a real barn burner.
  • In a very good post comparing Walt Disney to Charlie Chaplin (they were friends and contempoaries), Mark Mayerson reflects on John Lasseter‘s current role at the Mouse House. What happens to an artist when you move from making art to producing it?
  • Sunday October 5th will bring the second Studio DC show to feature The Muppets. More at The Muppet News Flash.

Finally, congratulations to Disney Blog author Oh Amanda!! on the birth of a baby boy! Mother and Son are doing well.