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Fuzz and Consequences: The Muppets Make A Comeback

The New York Times gives some ink to Disney’s in progress Muppet Renaissance. TV, Feature Film, Web Specials, and, of course, merchandise, are all options on the table for the brand. If anything look for things to be a bit edgier too. I wish them luck.

Speaking of web specials. Can anyone authenticate the latest video to hit YouTube. This has Miss Piggy as a hammy video blogger. In the vlog Miss Piggy is bored, so she previews all the upcoming specials she stars in.

Update: This is a fan series according to commenter below. See this post on the Muppet Central forums. Aside from getting the humor just a tad bit wrong. I thought it was pretty good.

There’s actually a whole series you can view over at this YouTube Channel. Weirdly no one seems to have discovered this series yet. There are only a few views on the video at this time compared to the millions of views the other series have generated.

The low view count makes me suspicious as does the fact that her channel doesn’t link to like other official character channels do. So can anyone let me know if these are authentic?

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