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Around The Hub – Monday Kickoff

  • What a crazy weekend at Disneyland. Guests were being parked at all corners of the resort district leading some to just give up and head home. The crowds aren’t going to get any lighter as the resort’s popular Halloween promotion enters it’s busiest weeks. On the plus side there were multiple sightings of new president George Kalogridis walking the parks.
  • George wasn’t the only one walking around the resort, thousands of CHOC walkers raised $1.5 million for the charity.
  • Two of Disney’s Imagineers won’t be around to see what Kalogridis does with Disneyland. Tim Delaney, executive vice president, and Valerie Edwards, WDI’s head sculptor, were both let go.
  • The LA Times reports on a talk by Disney CEO Bob Iger about how a modern movie studio must be run.
  • The Orlando Sentinel reports that Universal Orlando is experiencing weakening attendance, although it is still quite profitable. The buzz is also rising about a possible sale of the resort or even the whole company.

5 thoughts on “Around The Hub – Monday Kickoff”

  1. Had some spies in the parks yesterday and today, said while it was busy, wasn’t worse than a summer weekend (though still more crowded than expected for October). Healthy amounts of Cast Members helped moved things along. Space Mountain and Haunted Mansion overlays are the main draw (as well as the fireworks).

    I’m in Disneyland this weekend myself, going to try to attempt an Ultimate Disneyland Touring Plan (fashioned after our MK plans) on saturday. With Magic Morning Hour, Disneyland will be open for 17 hours!


  2. Went to Universal Florida and Islands of Adventure a week ago and attendance was sad. It doesn’t help that seemingly half the park and most of the gift shops weren’t open for the first two hours. It was like walking through a ghost town. Homer Simpson was leaning against a penny machine bored when we approached him, a few hours later Bart was wandering around the Kwik-E-Mart store lonely. That same day, later, both Disney parks we visited had decent crowds.

    1. Addition: I was very happy I was using my free Super Bowl tickets! Besides the $12 parking (we went two days before the price hiked up to match Disney), and a few snacks, it wouldn’t have been worth admission price at all!

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